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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 17 17: The Bitchy Boss [1]
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"Top notch customer service," I joke as I tuck my cock away. "I'll see you back at the office a bit later, Rose."

"Of course," she says, having already risen and taken a seat beside Christine, who's reluctantly pulling fingers out of her pussy without relief.

"After the big meeting today, we'll have Caren round up the department and tell us the information after it's shown to the board of directors, I'll see you there," Rosa said.

My eyes go wide in realization, having forgotten a very important thing about today in the midst of everything the fuck else I've been dealing with, a detail I can hardly be blamed for missing: today is the big meeting.

The quarterly report, where new senior executive director Caren tries to claim everything positive about our department and its successes on her despite her very recent promotion out from a completely different part of the company.

The quarterly report is the company at its most blind, person-free basics, removed from everything but raw numbers.

And my role in those numbers is bound to go unrecognized as the only people in the company who get to reap the rewards are all the top level executives with stock options and a real stake in the company beyond a paycheck.

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And it's to be headed by someone I kind of hate.

Immediately, my head snaps toward Christine. "We need to talk," I say, hurrying into my seat as Tierra pulls her pants back up and walks a bit funny as she makes her way over to the counter to deal with Rose's order.

"Say that I wanted to completely humiliate somebody. Use whatever the fuck this is to just publicly shame someone and fuck them at the worst possible time. Would I be able to do that?"

"Depends on what you mean. Yes, you could absolutely fuck someone in front of people, or rub your dick on their face, call them a whore and even make them admit as much. But it will seem completely normal to everyone but you; they'll just sit and watch it happen. You'll be the only one who knows what's going on."

"You know what? Fuck it, good enough." I smile wide and rise back up from my seat. "I'm going to go have some fun turning my bitchy new boss into a cum rag."

I waltz into the office of Caren, and all at once the luxury is like a slap in the face; the expensive office furniture, the corner windows, the focus she's got in the corner that breathes more life into the place than some of the co-workers I sit near...

Everything about it is managerial to a fault and I can't help but feel startled by my decision to go for what I've decided to do as I look around.

Caren sits at her desk preparing the numbers for the meeting, and doesn't pay any mind to me coming and going like I don't even exist, since I can basically do as I please right now.

And what I wanted to do now at this moment happens to be something super fucked up.

I pull my cock out and stand right beside Caren. "Would you be so kind as to jerk my cock off into your coffee?" I ask, pulling off the lid of the coffee she got from The Grind House, which is by now mostly empty but still kind of warm.

Caren doesn't even look up at me as she grabs hold of my cock and begins to jerk me off, and that's just fine by me as I grab her coffee and bring it toward my cock, tilting it toward my dick and getting ready for what's to come.

She may not care or pay any mind to me as she works one-handed on preparing her report, but I'm fucking happy.

"Finally, jerking me off and doing something good for me, you cunt," I snarl at her.

The inversion of power isn't lost on me, and even if she's going to remain happily unaware of it, I want her to fucking know everything that has been happening here at this moment, in front of her own very eyes.

"I've put up with your bullshit for two weeks, and now you're going to pay for it; I'm going to fuck you every which way I know and violate your ass so hard you scream in front of the board of directors and that you can't even stand still. You're going to be my screaming meat puppet today by the end of the work day."

Caren keeps working, and that only makes it all the better, a silent, implicit acceptance of my cruelty that keeps me rolling and keeps my hips lamming away brutally.

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There's nothing I could possibly want more than to utterly savage my bitchy boss right here and right now, and the high I ride as she jerks me off is made all the better by the oozing of pre-cum from my cock.

Her face is furrowed in mild annoyance but little more; she's just taking my bravado and my filth, jerking my cock off as a matter of course and otherwise keeping at her work, which is honestly exactly what I crave right now.

I'm going to put more than irritation on her face by the time I'm through with her, but for now, just seeing her sitting there and keeping her focus on the task at hand is hot enough to drive me far enough.

It's a quick handjob. It doesn't need to be anything more than that; I achieve my goal in short order, blowing my load right into her coffee cup.

And pumping it full of as much cum as there is coffee left in there, which lets me swirl it all together for a moment and have a nice, salty mixture that I place in front of her.

Without hesitating, Caren brings the cup to her lips and drinks down the mixture of coffee and my spunk like it's nothing.

"You just drank my cum, and you liked the taste of it, didn't you?'


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