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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 21 21: Spa Packages And Options [R-18+]
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She's cute, though, and with the wicked power which is in my hands, it's hard to really deny myself from the indulgence as I lean over the desk.

"Hi, I'm looking to book a day package today, but I'm not sure about all the options you offer. Would you be able to help me?" There's not even a second where I can really fight it off as I start to circle around the desk and walk right up behind it, pulling my dick out and happily asking.

"And may I also have your seat so that you can ride my cock while you show me options?" I'm weak, but fuck, it does feel good to indulge and just give in without a care in the world.

Well, there's no point in fighting it.

"Of course, sir, please stuff my pussy while I walk you through our wonderful day packages." She pulls her skirt up and slides her panties down as I take her seat, and then parks herself right down onto my cock like it's all a part of the job.

Her slick pussy envelops my cock, and she whines as she takes me down, starts to bouncing up and down on top of my dick as she starts typing somethings on her computer.

I hear her whine a little beneath her breath as my hands grab at her hips and guide her along my way, wanting her to establish a nice pace while she casually starts my day off with some incredible customer service.

"We have multiple options for men's day packages. There are packages solely for massages, and mixed packages, and we also offer you the chance to choose your own arrangement through out the day from the services we have. Usually, customers arrange those online, but since you are here I would be happy to help you build one right now."

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"That sounds great," I said happily.

"Are you also happy to have a big, hard cock stuffed in your tight pussy right now? You have a long day ahead of you, and I bet you must get so worked up sometimes."

It's not even testing the boundaries anymore; I just want to spew vulgarity, and it is only for the sole reason and that is because I can, knowing whatever she responds with will be enthusiastic and receptive in ways they definitely shouldn't be.

"Oh yes, sir, it feels so nice to get fucked by you right now, please keep going. And cum in me if you wish, it is all perfectly acceptable and will be my pleasure."

She says while keeping the pace I set as she pulls up the information about packages, and starts to ask me for the usual customer information; name, address, etc, so that she can put my information into the system.

As she types my name out, I unbutton her top, finding her braless beneath, and begin to happily knead and fondle her perky tits as I keep my pace up inside of her.

She holds herself surprisingly steady as I fondle and fuck her amid it all, her typing holding out much better than Rose had when I bent her over her keyboard.

It's a good start, though, as I lean back in her surprisingly comfortable chair.

A receptionist has a better, more relaxing chair than I did back in the trenches, and that's not necessarily an injustice, but fuck it is terrible to realize.

She walks me through the process of figuring out my package. I don't have any reason to go for manicure or pedicure services, so I stick mostly to massages, although a few other things catch my eye too.

A yoga class in particular sounds wonderful; I couldn't care less about yoga, but the opportunities for perversion are endless.

And for the fuck of it, a facial mask, which promises a half hour of relaxation that I could spend with the spa attendant licking up and down my pole anyway.

For the massages, I book lots of nice sounding front and back ones to start and end my day, getting a good variety of masseuses in to really keep things fresh as I intend to fuck every and each one of them.

"Excellent choices, sir," she moans, continuing to bounce on top of my cock all the while.

As I start to process payment and deal with matters, she races faster in my lap, and the pleasure is intense enough that I decide it's time to have some fun with her.

I grab hold of the receptionist whose name I still actually don't know and pick her up and turn her around, shoving her up onto the desk and climbing on, my cock pounding down into her as I get rough for the final moments of my deep, hard fucking her.

The reception area has a few more people now patiently waiting for their own turns patiently

with her, of course for the massage and spa services not like me to fuck her and they don't seem to be paying any mind to the shrieking receptionist or the way I'm pounding her into a mad, sticky, or vicious loads.

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That no longer weirds me out, funny enough.

The idea of getting away with everything at all times has become somehow made it all the better, as I get away with doing whatever I want, fucking her into a writhing mess of moans and twisting need, groaning as I drive my cock forward one last time and bury myself inside of her.

I cum hard in her pussy, pumping her full of a messy creampie that fills her up so much she climaxes right there with me and she groans like very loud as we both came at the same time, and there's a look of happiness on her face that says it all.

"E-enjoy your d-day at our spa, sir, and please recommend us to your friends and family if you like our services." And she says it like a mewling fucktoy, too.

My first masseuse for the day is a smiling, warm brunette whose hair is tied up in a long ponytail coming around over her shoulder.

The spa uniform of a black button-up top and some fairly loose white pants seem sensible enough, but I feel like it could do with a few improvements as I step into the room and look around.

It's a calm, plain room, smelling of the oils she's warmed up to massage me with, and it's everything I could have hoped it could be; I can get used to this kind of treatment.


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