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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 29 29: A Little Good Idea [2] [R-18+]
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Everyone is acting completely normal about it, just getting happily into whatever it is i'm walking them through, with no perverted grins or remarks from anyone to imply they seem to be aware of how utterly insane this all is.

"And now fuck their cunts until they scream for you," is my last word on the matter as I slam upward into Clara and then pull her back down.

Starting into a nice, deep rhythm with her, one that makes her whine and twist as I get right to work on fucking the yoga teacher right in front of her class, a mutiny that has me running the show now, and it just feels fucking right.

I'm sure Clara is a lovely young woman, well from what I can see she is and very much beautiful too but right now she needs to be put into her place and I need to seize control of the situation with a nice, hard pounding of her slick pussy, as I keep her legs up high and give her a nice, rough standing fuck.

Clara moans in the process. "Don't forget to breathe right, girls!" she calls, going along with it as I bounce her up and down my dick, like she's really going to walk them through getting fucked all at once.

"And let your legs relax, even as they come up high, almost into your shoulders. It's okay, it's a good position to be in, and it lets those cocks come in at a great angle, doesn't it? Just perfect for some deep g-spot attention." She instructed her fellow females all the process and advantage.

Coaching the women along as they're all fucked in rough, messy unison, it feels like a respect of my 'authority', like she's happy to let me take charge and just stick to giving some good advice where necessary.

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It's sex, and everyone seems to know it, but it's all very steady and dispassionate. The men aren't marveling at the opportunity or anything, just thrusting away, groaning and groping at the girls as they bounce them in place.

Three sets of lovely tits bounced before my eyes in a wonderful show of intensity and motion, and the moans starting to fill the yoga room become an infectious cacophony of sweet noises that I want to hear more of.

Christine says that my actions will twist the world, and as I guide yoga class into an all out mess of random fucking, I'm confident this is exactly what I want to do.

I'm king shit of this place now, and I can do whatever I want with whoever I want, no questions asked. But that doesn't mean that my world has to hold benefits only I can reap, does it?

So now I spread the love, let some other guys get their fun, let the world become a place where casual, open, shameless sex just becomes normal.

Not just when I do it, but anywhere. I'll keep doing my thing in volumes and with intensity far greater than what anyone else is, because I deserve it for bringing this gift into the world, but right now I'm only fucking Clara, and why not let the love spread a little bit?

The other women all look ripe and perfectly fuckable, but dammit I can only fuck so many limited people in one day and I still have massage appointments to get to.

"Now make sure you keep your feet spread out," Clara continued, "So that you shake as much as possible while getting slammed up and down these big, fat cocks, and get ready for them to cum inside of you. Because we all want them to cum inside of us, right girls?" She asked.

She asked it with the same kind of energy she might ask if people want to find inner peace and get fit, and the response was a vocal one from the women all getting fucked, amid the moans and the chaos.

It's all working way better than it has any right to work, and Clara has a credibility that she shouldn't when there's cum covering her face as much as she's got now, but it's all okay.

I just let it all happen, let it lay as it lands and be as good as it can be. This is what I want it to be, where everything ought to belong, and the madness spinning out all around me is precisely as it should be.

Christine has missed one hell of a day tending to whatever else she had to do. I don't actually know what she does or if she has some kind of real day job or not, or even a life outside of being around and encouraging me to throat-fuck every woman you see.

But I'm sure she'd love it here as I orchestrate a public derailment with sex.

She'd be proud and probably want to join in somehow, some way, but she's busy, and I can always regale her with the stories of it later, tell her about the hot day I had while choking her out on my cock.

It'll be a good way to wind back up after my day of relaxation.

Although, I could have picked a more relaxing position to fuck Clara in. It's exhausting, sure, but with everyone following suit, the women are all exposed in the most open and shamelessly slutty of ways, exposed and completely bared to me.

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There's no shame or decency left here, just rawness, just fire. I show her a ferocity that I can't get enough of, that I relish in.

There's something so shameless about being here and being able to pound into her, and to watch all the guys in the room do the same, and I'm ready for more of this every day. I don't see myself getting bored of hot, great sex around the every clock.

Maybe this can be the synergy I'm getting paid to optimize.

I slam Clara down onto your cock one last time as I lose myself.

"Cum!" I yelled, and as if guided by command the men all do too, the women pulled down as cocks hilt into them and unload thick, gooey shots of hot, sticky cum deep into their aching wets pussies.

Clara's pussy spasms around me as she climaxes, as she screams out in raw, shuddering delight, giving herself completely up to the pleasure involved.


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