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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 6 6: A Problem! [R-18+]
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"What about you? What kind of coffee do you prefer?" She licks her lips, staring at him with a burning lust that feels utterly inappropriate for both the workplace and for discussions about coffee options, and it's throwing him completely for a loop.

The pleasure is undeniable though, and it's going to consume him if she keeps this up.

His cock throbs eagerly within the soft embrace of her amazing tits wrapped around his cock, and pre-cum trickles from his tip, down her cleavage to make the whole process just a little slicker and easier for her.

Never before has a girl given him a titfuck and he has been so confused, dismayed, or still in the wake of it.

He didn't move, didn't react, didn't grab her tits to play with her perky nipples or thrust up into her amazing cleavage.

Didn't grab her hair or dirty-talk her or push fingers into her mouth just to assert a little more dominance over her. It's all so... Still. Confused.

"What's going on here?" Lucas says under his breath, asking her with a deep confusion and a sense of absolute bafflement.

None of this makes any sense to him, and it seems like somehow, Christine has the answer to all of it.

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Everything about this weirdness seems so completely centered around her, so he cut right to the chase in finding his answers. She has to know something, and has to be involved in this.

"We're just hanging around and having a good time, and I'm giving you a titfuck," Christine says off-hand, shrugging as she looks back to the others.

"Nothing weird is going on here, is it?" Her fingers tighten against her breasts, letting him see the fingers dig into the soft flesh as she works them faster up and down along the length of his cock.

"Nope," Davis says.

"Are you feeling okay?" Rose asks. "You look a little red, maybe you should go sit down."

Christine looks right back at him, licking her lips and shooting a playful smirk that is absolutely infuriating for how much none of this situation makes any damn sense, but there's no way he can argue against any of this or piece together anything even vaguely sane as the insane situation winds up tighter and hotter.

She's got him where she seems to want him, and as she leans forward to lick the head of his cock, the pleasure only gets more intense, his insides tightening and the heat swelling up hotter within him as she works along his cock.

They're all reinforcing how normal it is, all feeding into the weird acceptance of what Christine is doing, and he didn't understand what's going on or why, but he feels like every second of his spent indulging in this insanity is only another reason to be completely confused by everything.

It all makes less and less sense the more he tries to think about it.

"I-I'm fine," Lucas lied, clearing his throat and shutting his fucking mouth. The last thing he wants to do is sound completely insane if everyone else is convinced this is normal.

It isn't. Not in the least. But what can he do now except just take it and hope that the insanity of the situation somehow starts to wear off?

At least it feels good. Damn good. Christine already proved last night that when she's down there trying to get a guy off she is doing her damnedest, and her titfucks are no exception.

She works them with a remarkable and unrepentantly adoring pace along his cock, playing with her nipples and moaning in delight as she goes at him, her head dipped in to give him head some good tongue-based affection for added pleasure, all in the name of making him feel good.

This is what makes Christine so devilish; the pleasure she's wielding is too good for him to say no to.

It's possibly the best titfuck he has ever had, but it's in front of the oddly bland and unfeeling eyes of his coworkers.

Which... Is that fact turning him on? It's hard to tell, but he can't help but feel like it is. As he stands there, everyone around him acting like it's completely normal, his cock throbs harder, as if excited by the vulgar prospects before him, the strange idea that he can get away with this.

People watching but not really 'watching' in a way that's voyeuristic or perverted, just standing around completely casual while he gets his rocks off.

It's confusing and strange, but it's turning him on more than he can handle, as he groans harder and grab hold of Christine's shoulders, not sure where this ride is going to take him or how it ends, but he feels like he's long past the point where he can do anything to fight any of it.

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But then, rounding the corner, comes the new senior executive director of his department, Caren.

Strutting down the hall with a terrifying steady walk in high heels, clad in a dark pencil skirt and blazer, her dark brown hair all kept a terrifyingly uniform length.

Her figure is stunning and her dress flaunts it, but it's all part of a very precise and carefully manufactured appearance.

Not necessarily fake, but she puts an effort into looking immaculate that informs the way she's trying to run her department, only perfectionist and leaving no room for anything other than the best.

Relentless perfectionism incarnated into a thirty five year-old Japanese woman who has brought a new reign of terror to the floor.

Lucas's chest tightens as she approaches, walking down the aisle between cabin rows, and if there is anyone who is going to think something is wrong with this it's going to be her.

Even with as relaxed and oddly pleasured as he is, it's impossible to keep comfortable when she walks by, because she just might see his cock out and fire him on the spot.

If he's lucky all he will get is a fired. But Christine is smiling wider as a result, working faster along with her tits as the new boss draws closer, and he wonders if he's about to die.


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