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Becoming the King of A New Filthy World

Chapter 9 9: Rose [2] [R-18+]
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Christine comes up behind me, placing her hands on my chest and smiling. "Wonderful, isn't it?" she asks, keeping her voice low, as if wanting to keep the conversation just between the two of us. "Maybe now you'll trust me a little more."

"I shouldn't ask how, should I?" I groan. I build up a nice, steady pace to fuck Rose's pussy by, happy to keep the pressure up and ready to take it to her from behind, and I'm surprised by how she keeps typing even as I really start to wind up for something rough, as though no matter how hard I fuck her, she's still focused on trying to get her work done through it all.

But not necessarily like I'm a nuisance bothering her and keeping her from being productive. It's like I'm just an accepted part of the situation for her, and she handles the idea of being fucked as I take her as well as she possibly can.

"No, it's better you just let this happen," Christine promises, and I believe her.

She gives a playful slap to Rose's ass, standing behind me and enjoying the sight of me pounding her. "Don't question it, just enjoy it. The world is your playground now, and you'd be a lot better off enjoying the idea of being able to fuck any woman you want and convince anyone of anything." She trails a hand down next toward my cock, caressing it and fondling my balls as I pound away at Rose.

"Especially since watching you fuck Rose is getting me so hot right now. Mm, please fuck my mouth after you're done with her." It's such a ragged and needy whine, submissive and direct, and it feels almost like a weird inversion of everything thus far.

Christine has been anything but submissive in my interactions with her. At least, for the realms outside of the sexual.

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But here, she's letting me take charge and seemingly just happy to see me go at it, almost like the only thing she really wants from me is to give in and accept what's going on here for what it is rather than getting hung up about worries or a world that seems by all accounts to be gone now.

It's a confusing mess to unpack and I know that Christine is too strange a girl to even want to try and figure out her motivations in truth, so I just decide to focus on the good things about this situation.

Mainly, the fact that Rose's pussy feels amazing.

The phone in her office rings, and Rose picks it up.

"Rose Griffin," she says, answering it completely casually, but there's something a little bit tight in her voice, a little strained and breathy.

Probably because she's getting fucked from behind so hard. "Yes, I'm working on the memo now, sir." She doesn't mention that I'm holding her up and leaving her typing clumsily, but to test the waters a little, I slam forward extra hard into her vagina this time, and make her moan loudly, gasping in delight as her head arches.

"Yes, I can send you a draft before I send it out, that won't be a problem." She's actually negotiating with some higher-up while I rail her like nothing is wrong.

It really is normal now.

The power I hold really comes into focus then, as I begin to appreciate what I can make happen.

The call ends, and Rose goes back to typing, but now with how hard I'm fucking her, her fingers are more clumsy, and she's left groaning more from the frequent spelling errors of her hands moving about than she is about the rough fucking that's actually making her hands shake so much.

It's almost unbelievable to behold, but it feeds into all the most depraved and excited senses of wonder within me.

The more I see her give in, the more I realize that I hold a power in my hands that can't be stopped. I can make her do anything, and the only limitations to any of it seem to be my imagination.

Nobody's going to stop me or hold me to any ostensibly sane standard, and I'm free to have my way with any woman I want.

"How's it coming along, Rose?" I ask, as if trying to test what I can get away with.

"It's fine," she says, and doesn't sound irritated at all.

Save for the tightness of her breath it doesn't sound like she's getting fucked either, like she's all but ignoring my cock inside of her for the sake of typing up her memo.

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At least, save for the way her hips are shoving back to meet my thrusts and her pussy is dripping down onto the floor.

It's almost a confirmation of everything I have been thinking, and the excitement of it is too much for me to bear as finally, Rose's casual remark sets me off.

Which sounds kind of insane, but it's not like her amazing pussy isn't to blame too.

I slam balls deep into the redhead, groaning harshly and throwing my head back as I cum right inside of her, creampieing the office hottie and leaving a mark on her in ways that I could have never imagined.

She cums too, whining a little and shivering but otherwise undisturbed even as orgasm delight shivers through her.

I wouldn't have even known it was an orgasm if not for the sudden spasming of her inner walls clenching down around my cock and begging for my seed.

It's the most subdued orgasm I have ever witnessed or fucked a woman too, but it all seems fairly in line now with all the other madness I've been dealing with.

D&rawing slowly back out of Ruby's pussy, I watch as the cum begins to drip from her hole.

Someone clears their throat outside of the Rose working cabin, and I suddenly looked a the source but I was dampened by the sight of who is standing there watching them with her arm crossed.

Caren Kobashi stood as she watched us.


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