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Blood Legacy: New World Of Doom-Novel

Blood Legacy: New World Of Doom-Novel
162 Chapters
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Blood Legacy: New World Of Doom-Novel

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    Summary Ikaris, a genius student admired, exploited, and hated all his life for his brilliance, suddenly finds himself transmigrated i The Forsaken Lands, a fantasy world of myriad species born with the ability use magic with imagination as their only limit.Alas, this gift carries a curse. The more you use it, the closer you are death.After thousands of years of decline, the Free Races are fast approaching their demise, their survival threatened by this curse and an enemy that will not rest until it has devoured them all. Literally.Former allies and enemies, prey and predrs are nowrnered behind a huge wall, forcedllaborate resist their invader. But can so much resentment and hatred be washed away so easily? Can predrs and prey really oveme their instincts in the face of ammon foe?Follow him on his journey from an ordinary human a shining existence that will overturn the order established since the dawn of time. From an innocent soul a merciless demon. From a human something else.You’re reading “Blood Legacy: New World Of Doom” on See all Hide

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