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Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Chapter 17: Hospitalized
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Chapter 17: Hospitalized

For some reason, Lu Huai's heart seemed to have stopped beating for a moment. He did not care about the people around him and picked Pei Xin up, turning around and walking out of the hotel.

"Send someone to the hotel to check the surveillance cameras and then call the police." He took a few steps, turned to Xu Nuo, and left without hesitation.

Everyone looked at each other.

"Who is this woman?"

"I thought CEO Lu hated women."

"CEO Lu, have you recovered from your germophobia?"

"Was that really CEO Lu?"

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Lu Huai drove his car all the way to the hospital. After getting out of the car, Xu Nuo wanted to carry Pei Xin, but Lu Huai stopped her. He carried Pei Xin — who was covered in bloody injuries — all the way to the entrance of the emergency center himself.

Xu Nuo was unsure as to why he was doing that. He only came back to his senses when the sound of an oncoming ambulance honked at him. He then quickly jogged to catch up. "CEO Lu, please let me do it. Your clothes are getting dirty. Would you like to go home now and have a shower?"

Xu Nuo knew better than anyone how obsessed Lu Huai was with cleanliness.

"There's no need. Shut up." Lu Huai continued to walk in expressionlessly.

After sending Pei Xin to the emergency center, Lu Huai sat on a chair outside the emergency room and frowned slightly when he saw the blood on his body.

Xu Nuo hesitantly handed him a wet towel. Lu Huai took it and carefully wiped the blood on his hand. "Where's the surveillance footage? Did you find out what happened?"

"Ms. Pei ran out of room four hundred and one. She was already acting like this when she came out. That room was full of rich kids. They... It's just that... T-that t-they..." Xu Nuo reported to Lu Huai what happened.

"When did you learn how to stutter like that? It's annoying. Get to the point." Lu Huai glanced at Xu Nuo and lowered his voice.

"It's about Mr. Lu... Before Ms. Pei ran out, Mr. Lu and Ms. Ling Xue of the Pei family could be seen holding hands and walking out. Ms. Pei was also brought in by Mr. Lu." Xu Nuo hurriedly said everything in one breath.

Lu Huai narrowed his eyes but didn't say anything.

After some time, the door to the emergency room opened, and a doctor in a white coat walked up to Lu Huai.

"Song Yang?" Lu Huai looked at the doctor who took off his mask and called out.

Song Yang heard his name and turned to see who called him. He shook his head and walked towards Lu Huai and informed them about Pei Xin's illness in an unfriendly tone. He was not like the others, he would speak up about something if he didn't agree with it. "It seems that the Lu family might be known as the family that inflicts pain on others."

Seeing Lu Huai's calm expression, he was very unhappy, "I might even consider calling the police..."

"How dare you speak to CEO Lu like that?! He was the one who saved-" Xu Nuo was the first to stand up while Lu Huai was being slandered. However, Lu Huai raised his hand to stop his secretary before he said anything else.

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Lu Huai didn't care what others thought of him, nor was he willing to argue with Song Yang.

There were many people in the upper-class circle of the capital, but the Lu, Song, Pei, and Shen families were the leaders. The Lu family was the most respected among the four families, so everyone wanted to curry favor with the Lu family, especially Lu Huai. For example, the Pei family had arranged for their daughter to be engaged to Lu Li in order to build a relationship with the Lu Family, but it turned out to be a fake daughter.

At that time, everyone thought that their own daughters had a chance to snag Lu Li as a son-in-law. No one expected the real daughter of the Pei family to take that opportunity away first.

Everyone in this circle wanted to climb up the social ladder, but Song Yang was different. The Song family started out as a medical equipment company. Although they had a lot of ambitions, their family was full of businessmen. However, Song Yang had given up his family fortune to become a real doctor. He never attended the gatherings of the upper-class circle. He only focused on treating patients and saving people.

Just based on this point alone, Lu Huai admired him and naturally treated him as an equal.

"CEO Lu, there are some things that an outsider like me shouldn't comment on, but as a doctor, I have to adhere to procedures. I've more or less heard about what happened back then. She was just a baby when she was swapped, she had no say nor choice. Even if she did other things after the incident, she repaid it by being in prison for five years. It's important to be forgiving when you can. Don't treat human lives as waste just because you have money."

Song Yang didn't want to say much, but when he saw Pei Xin's wounds, he couldn't bear to not speak up.

Lu Huai knew that Song Yang had misunderstood him, but he did not bother to explain. "Which ward is she in?" He asked with a frown.

Song Yang sighed. "I'll take you there."

He was really worried that the Lu family would do something outrageous to this innocent woman again.

Pei Xin, who was lying on the hospital bed, was restless. It was as if she was experiencing something terrifying in her dream.