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Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Chapter 18: Call the Police
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Chapter 18: Call the Police

Lu Huai looked at the pale woman covered in a layer of sweat. He had seen Pei Xin before. Although he didn't attend Lu Li's engagement party, he had seen her from afar.

He remembered Pei Xin as a blooming lily — pure and beautiful. In these five years, this lily had been destroyed into a pile of withered grass, lost with no vitality.

"Did you say she was malnourished and had many injuries?" Lu Huai suddenly asked.

Song Yang didn't want to answer and only gave him an obvious look.

Lu Huai was puzzled. Didn't they say that they were going to have surgery? How will she survive a kidney transplant in this state? What was the point of torturing her?

"CEO Lu, did you call the police?"

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While Lu Huai was pondering, a few policemen suddenly appeared and interrupted his thoughts.

"I did." Lu Huai did not get up. He sat outside and looked at the insects under the streetlights outside the hospital. His heart was similar to the insects attracted to the light, frantic but attracted to the light.

The police officer knew Lu Huai. He walked to Lu Huai's side respectfully. "CEO Lu, is it convenient for Ms. Pei Xin to answer some questions right now? The people in the hotel said that Ms. Pei had suddenly gone crazy and injured many people. We need to take a statement from Ms. Pei to understand the whole situation."

The police officer avoided the main point and focused on the trivial. He subconsciously classified those rich second-generation heirs and Lu Huai as the same kind of people.

The policewoman behind her rolled her eyes silently. Those rich brats were obviously up to no good considering this woman had to be hospitalized.

Lu Huai finally turned his gaze back to the investigator standing beside him. He looked at the smile on that person's face that was deliberately trying to please him, and he felt an indescribable disgust in his heart.

"She's still unconscious. The doctor just finished checking up on her. A meek woman with no history of mental illness suddenly went crazy and injured a room full of rich heirs at a banquet. With your years of experience in handling cases, does that sound believable?"

The investigator's smile froze on his face. He did not understand what Lu Huai meant. After a while, he spoke again, "It must be deliberate revenge. It's said that Ms. Pei was once the daughter of a rich family, but she replaced someone else's life. She was even imprisoned for five years because of this. Now that she's out, she must have an agenda against those innocent victims."

This made Lu Huai laugh. "I'd suggest you take a good look at the hotel's surveillance cameras later. You can decide if a woman running out of a private room with wounds all over her body was deliberate revenge or in self-defense."

When Song Yang heard this, he was shocked to find that he had misunderstood Lu Huai. He looked at the man apologetically and secretly gave him a thumbs up to express his approval of his words.

At this moment, the investigator finally understood what Lu Huai meant. However, he still did not understand why he, of all people, would be going against his people. Everyone said that Lu Huai never meddled in other people's business, especially when his younger brother was among the group of rich second-generation heirs.

The investigators were still puzzled when Pei Xin woke up in a daze.

"Where am I?" Pei Xin looked at the white ceiling, the lingering smell of disinfectant lingering in her nose.

"You're awake!" The policewoman heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Pei Xin had woken up. She quickly walked over. "Hello, I'm Annie, the police officer in charge of your case. Are you able to talk right now? Can you tell me in detail what happened in the room?"

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Annie had a kind smile on her face. This was the friendliest greeting Pei Xin had ever seen since her identity was exposed.

However, she still had a lot of doubts in her heart. She only remembered that she had used all her strength to run out of the room. What happened after...

She smiled apologetically at Annie. "I'm sorry, what case are you talking about?"

"Apologies, I'm sure you're quite dazed after waking up..." Annie was also a little embarrassed. "Let me fill you in on the details. After you came out of room four hundred and one, you fainted. Fortunately, you met CEO Lu. He called the police on your behalf and sent you to the hospital."

Pei Xin was shocked. Lu Huai did all of that?

It was only then that she noticed Lu Huai sitting by the bed. His white shirt was still stained with blood, and his face was expressionless. It was as if this whole case had nothing to do with him.

Pei Xin couldn't believe that such a person who had almost no human feelings had helped her; it was even more than once!

Why? Why did he help her?

"Ms. Pei, Ms. Pei? Can you hear me?"

Annie's call pulled Pei Xin back from her thoughts. "Ms. Pei, can you tell me what happened just now? The people in the hotel said that you stabbed them, but we need solid evidence to solve the case. Your testimony will also be of great help to us in solving the case."