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Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Chapter 5: Let Go!
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Chapter 5: Let Go!

"It really is you! Why did you come back by yourself? Lin and I went to pick you up yesterday, but we didn't see you. Where did you go? If you didn't come back any sooner, I would have filed a police report on a missing person, hahaha!"

Ling Jin pulled Pei Xin in front of him and looked her up and down for a long time. He was looking at his once beautiful sister who had turned into a twig, he choked." You've suffered for five years..."

No one knew Pei Xin's innocence better than Ling Jin.

When Pei Xin was born, she suffered from congenital heart disease. Her mother was the nanny in the Pei family at that time. Coincidentally, Shen Wei also gave birth to a daughter at the same time. The newborns looked very similar. In order for Pei Xin to survive, Pei Xin's biological mother, Meng Yun, made the worst decision in her life. She swapped the two girls and quit her job after she was discharged from the hospital.

Because of her conscience, and the fact that she swapped out the newborns, she gave Ling Xue the best life she could offer. The Ling family was dirt poor. In order for Ling Xue to further her studies, Meng Yun made Ling Jin drop out of school to work and earn money for his sister.

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Ling Jin grew up in an unfair environment. It was only when Ling Xue wanted a branded bag and asked them for money that Ling Jin finally stood up for himself and quarreled with his mother.

As an older brother, he loved Ling Xue very much, but he couldn't accept unlimited demands from her. Moreover, he knew that his sister's vanity would one day bite her back.

During their argument, Meng Yun finally revealed the truth about everything. Ling Xue, who was hiding outside the room, overheard the whole story. Thus, everything else became history.

Pei Xin was completely unaware of this matter. She had to unknowingly bear the responsibility for her mother's mistake.

Pei Xin knew how well her brother treated her. She knew that she only had her brother and her five-year-old son now in this life. "I'm fine, it's fine."

She tried her best to wipe away the tears on her face, not wanting the person in front of her to worry.

"He was so excited to see you yesterday that he made so much noise and refused to sleep when you didn't show up. He must have finally reached a point of tiredness and went to bed." Ling Jin knew that Pei Xin was worried about the child and hurriedly explained, "You should go in and see him. He would be very happy to see you when he wakes up."

Pei Xin nodded and walked towards the house that seemed like it would collapse at any moment.

"Pei Xin, you're actually here!" Lu Li showed up not far away with a group of people. He gritted his teeth and said, "I knew you'd come back to that little b*stard!"

When Ling Jin saw who it was, he subconsciously shielded his sister behind him. "What are you doing here? Pei Xin has been imprisoned for five years. She has already paid back what she owed. What else do you want?"

"Owed?" Lu Li snorted and walked towards them. "She will never be able to pay for her sins. Even if she dies and goes to Hell, she will continue to atone for her sins."

Ling Jin looked at the crowd warily. "I won't let you take her away. Lu Li, you know her better than anyone else. You should know that she's innocent."

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Ling Jin's words made Lu Li's expression turn harsh. "I believed her because I thought I knew her. That's how I became a joke at parties. She is a wh*re, a shameless sl*t!"

When Ling Jin heard the insults, he raised his fist and went straight for Lu Li's face. However, the bodyguards behind Lu Li easily blocked the attack. Then, the bodyguards in black swarmed up and beat Ling Jin up.

Ling Jin moved bricks and carried cement at the construction site for his work. He had a lot of strength, but he was unfortunately outnumbered. He did not have the chance to fight back.

"Stop hitting him. Please, I beg you! Come at me and let him go." Pei Xin knelt in front of Lu Li, crying and begging. She knew that she had no backbone, but other than her pleas, she had nothing left to give.

She grabbed Lu Li's pants and begged him, but he merely kicked her away.

"You are a despicable runt."

Lu Li signaled for the bodyguards to take Pei Xin away, but he didn't stop them from beating Ling Jin. He wanted all the men around Pei Xin dead.

Pei Xin looked at Ling Jin, who had fallen to the ground and was using his hands to protect his head. She struggled to pull the bodyguards away and shouted as she struggled, "Stop hitting him, please, I beg you! Let my brother go!"

"You! Over there! You are a bad guy! You're not allowed to hit my uncle!" Suddenly, a childish voice broke the deadlock.