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Boss, Don't Act All Mighty, Miss Pei is Married to Your Brother!

Chapter 8: Six Years Ago...
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Chapter 8: Six Years Ago...

Lu Huai's secretary, Xu Nuo, followed closely behind Lu Huai. After they got into the car, he said carefully, "CEO Lu, would you like to change into a fresh set of clothes before you leave?"

As he spoke, he glanced at Lu Huai's pants. There were still tear marks left on them by Ling Lin.

Lu Huai followed his gaze and chuckled. "It's fine. Let's go."

Then, he seemed to have thought of something and suddenly turned to Xu Nuo. "Have you found the woman from six years ago?"

"Not yet. It was too late by the time I got there. It's been two years. All the surveillance cameras in the hotel have been replaced with new ones. There was no way to know the identity of the person that night." Xu Nuo replied helplessly.

"Are you blaming me for informing you too late?" Lu Huai raised his eyebrows.

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"Of course not. It was my incompetence." Xu Nuo hurriedly lowered his head and apologized.

Lu Huai knew that Xu Nuo was not to blame for this. Every year, countless people wanted to put women by his side. Therefore, after that night six years ago, he did not care, nor did he rush to look for her. He knew that for the sake of wealth, that woman, and even the person behind her, would take the initiative to look for him.

However, his assumptions did not come true. A month passed... A year, two years, and now, six years had passed, but that woman still did not appear.

Lu Huai was always successful because he knew that the people he faced had their desires. As long as he could control their desires, there was nothing to be afraid of.

However, it was different this time. That person had disappeared without a trace, without asking for anything.

Therefore, two years after the incident, he sent his secretary to investigate the problem. He said he was curious, but he knew in his heart that he still had an inexplicable feeling for that woman he had never met.

He thought about how that woman was like a frightened deer, clearly drunk and unconscious, yet she still resisted and sobbed softly because of him. He could not help but feel a little restless and shuddered at that thought.

"Where is Sun Zhe? Did he confess?" Lu Huai rolled down the car window and let the wind blow away the heat in his heart.

Xu Nuo nodded. "Yes, he put the drug in the wine when you weren't paying attention that night. He did arrange for someone to go over, but the person he arranged went to the wrong room. He didn't know the person who walked into your room."

Lu Huai frowned. Was everything just a coincidence?

While daydreaming, Lu Huai's gaze inadvertently caught sight of the tear stains on his knees. They were left behind by the kid just now.

His mother was once the eldest daughter of the Pei family.

That familiar voice, that familiar smell, and that child's familiar eyes. Lu Huai's mind was on the verge of piecing the information together, but he was interrupted by his phone ringing.

"I understand."

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Xu Nuo hung up the phone, his eyes shining with excitement. "CEO Lu, we've got a lead!"

Lu Huai looked at her, signaling him to continue.

"Just now, my subordinates called me and said they found the woman from back then. According to their guess, that person should be the Bai family's young miss, Bai Ling."


Lu Huai's face showed obvious displeasure. Xu Nuo quickly continued, "That night, Ms. Bai stayed upstairs. She likely entered the wrong room. Moreover, according to the investigation, Ms. Bai had shut herself in and refused to see any outsiders after that night six years ago. Later on, she suffered from depression and had several suicide attempts in the past six years."

Lu Huai's expression didn't change for the better after Xu Nuo finished speaking. He wasn't satisfied with this result.

"CEO Lu, there aren't many leads, but from the above points, Ms. Bai might be the biggest lead right now."

Lu Huai adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses. "What I want is an accurate investigation result. Don't make any guesses or confirm anything in the future. Do you understand?"

The tone was calm, but it made Xu Nuo shiver, "I understand."

Lu Huai looked at the scenery outside the car window. A thin figure appeared in front of him. For some reason, Lu Huai hoped that it was someone familiar.