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Breakthrough with the Forbidden Master

Chapter 27: My Will
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Chapter 27 – My Will

“I didn’t know you failed at becoming an Imperial Knight… I couldn’t see you, but I never expected that possibility…. I’m sorry.”

“Not actually…”

I heard the origin of my father for the first time. It is a common dream of a child in this world.

He wasn’t a heroic child, a chosen one, with the genes or destiny to defeat the Great Demon King from the moment he was born.

It started with a childish dream, and from there to the end of the story which was beyond me, is my father as he is now.

“But… ah, listening to you like this… Even if you don’t become an Imperial Knight… If you have something else you want to do, I think it’s fine. I wanted to do it, it was my will.”


“But I’ll still… your mother too… we’ll support you.”

Even if I don’t become an Imperial Knight, I’m a child of my father and mother. I guess that’s what it is.

Somehow I felt myself getting hotter, in such a cringe atmosphere, as my dad seems embarrassed while he talked.

Really, my stupid dad…

“And by the way, what kind of warrior do you want to be?”


But, he doesn’t doubt that I’ll become a warrior?

Nonetheless, what I want to do now, I’m not sure what I want to be.

My immediate goal is the upcoming match.

I’m not thinking about the rest.

On the contrary, whether or not I become a “warrior” in the first place……

“…… Is it all right? I wonder if they can talk to each other properly. Do your best ~ Earth ~ Hiro ~”

“Madam… If you’re worried, why don’t you go chat with them.”

“Because! It’s a father and son talk, right? It’s a difficult period, to watch over as a mother…”

“…… Madam…… Sure, Little man seems to have changed a lot recently.”

…… I can hear something. When I glanced at her, my mother and Sadiz were watching me and my father in the shadows.

“Isn’t that right? I mean, the other day you mentioned he had secretly hidden some smutty books from me in his room.”

“Two more books were added recently.”

“Really!? Hey, what kind of books…? Hey, what’s it like?”

“…… Madam, your eyes are sparkling.”

“When I found out he was hiding an ero-book, I felt the bliss of a mother realizing her son’s growth!”

“…… When you were on your adventure with the Master, you hated lewd matters. You would hit the Master for saying things like ‘Ero-erotic Great Demon’.”

…… Speak a little more quietly, we’re right here!

“Ah… Earth…… Well, you’re old enough to be interested in that!”

What’s with the thumb! I want to break it!

Stop! Such a warm gaze like ‘Father understands your feelings’ I’m a bit more embarrassed than angry!

“Shut up! Argh, what’s this old lady saying! And Sadiz reports every single thing!”

“Hnn? Koraaaa, who’s an old lady! I’m~ forever 17!”

“That hurts!”


The moment I spontaneously snapped, my mother had me in a headlock.

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“Basically, you’ve been sexually harassing Sadiz, and you’re reading sex books too! Go on a date with a girl once in a while!”

“Hey, it’s none of your business…”

“Really, this cheeky~!”

You really are restless, Mother.

As the person herself says, it only looks like a woman of her age, including her appearance, is making a gag.

In fact, her age is thr-

“Yes, you. Miss Phianse… What about the princess? Are you getting along? Hnn hnn~”

“Wow, just wow… can you, well damn. I don’t know. I’m always looked down on, I’m being preached to, and I’m fed up. Also she is, well she’s, just so-so…”


“…… What’s with that face?”

“You know~ You’re so close to a princess~. As a man~, don’t you want to make a princess your girl?”

Damn, eternal annoyance… I really wish my parents would spare me this love story.

“Well… In any case, Rebal confessed to the princess the other day. If he wins the upcoming match, he could be considered a fiancée candidate.”


Oh, this time all three of them leaned back at the same time, with all their eyes shining.

These guys, they’re too involved in their children’s love affair!?

“Huh, that so, was Rebal like that…”

“Uha~ Young Rebal will do it too.”

“Hoho. So, how did the princess respond?”

How did the princess respond? I think back on that question, come to think of it, she didn’t even give a reply after all… At the time…

“Ah. She left it unsettled.”

“Undecided? Why? Miss Phianse doesn’t do that, does she?”

Certainly, the princess usually has the impression of making quick decisions, but that time was different.

Because I intervened without reading the mood.

When I think about it, I might have done wrong by Rebal… however, he’s always looking down on me and I’m sick of it.

“I declared to Rebal…… I’m the one who’ll win the championship.”


“So, because of what I said…”

“””And that’s the man!!”””

This time, all three of them leaned forward in their excitement, raised their voices, and hugged me.

“That’s it, Earth! It’s important for a man not to retreat!”

“As a Mother, I realized your growth more strongly with those words than with sex books.”

“Lil’ Earth, I’ve been hoping for a victory before, but it seems you’re serious. I’ll definitely come to cheer for you that day.”

So stifling…… Yet…… Somehow, I felt like I had been building a wall until now… but, unexpectedly, when I talked about it, it was so easy…. the wall…?

No…… Wrong.

“If that’s how you feel, your dad will be happy. Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Do it to your heart’s content.”

“Yes. You will do your best to win. Mothers are happy just to be there.”

“I’ll stand by you, Little man. I’ll support the challenge you face to the end.”

Why not?

My father, my mother, and Sadiz seemed to be satisfied with my words.

No good. Is it because I’m so cynical about it?

I felt that the three of them were satisfied just because I worked hard, and don’t expect me to win the championship.

I’m not just working hard. I really want to win.

There’s also Sadiz’s reward, but that’s not all.

I want to show everyone my strength and surprise them. That’s why I’m working so hard.

But in the first place, all three…

“But Rebal and Fu seem really strong. You’re prepared for that, right?”

What’s that?

I know. They are stronger.

Are you trying to say, ‘Don’t be disappointed even if there is too much difference in ability’?

“Yes. So don’t overdo it. No matter what the outcome is, both your father and mother are watching you, aiming to win the championship.”

What’s that?

Again, that smile says ‘satisfied with words alone’.

“Then, let’s have a big feast on the day of the game. On that day, I’ll make all your favorites.”

What’s that?

You’re going to have a pity party for me who can’t win the championship anyway?

“…… I’m…”

No good. Neither my father nor my mother, not even Sadiz said a word of that.

No, I’m not even thinking about it in the first place.

Maybe I’m just twisting it around, and simply imagining it.

But…… Even so……

“I’m sorry… Father…… Mom, Sadiz…”

“””?? “””

“Rather, I’m still a bit weary. To be honest, I don’t have an appetite. It’s been a long day, so can I take a rest today?”

This wasn’t a lie. Honestly, I’m not fully healed yet.

However, it doesn’t mean I can’t eat the meal.

“Are you sure? I see…Well, don’t overdo it, okay?”

“Be careful, won’t you? We can stay for a while, but… are you okay?”

“Little man. Sure. Then, I’ll prepare soup in case you get hungry.”

When I said that, all three of them looked sorry, but they didn’t try to force me to sit at the table with them, and they cared about my condition.

『Are you alright?』

Before answering Tre’ainar’s question, I left the living room and quickly went back to my room.

Unable to control my restless urge, I immediately closed the door to the room and said to Tre’ainar.

「Tre’ainar… I have a request….」


It was not for the sake of Sadiz’s reward, nor was it successfully inspired by Tre’ainar.

This is my will.

So I bowed for the first time.

「I…I couldn’t win, but I did my best…I don’t want any consolation! I want to win! I want to show them, those who don’t believe I can win! 」


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「Please… I want to train me more … No … I need to train! I want to be strong! I won’t discard it no matter what kind of effort. So, please! Osu! 」

I don’t want a reward, I don’t want to be scuttled, I don’t want to be praised.

I want to win. I don’t want to lose. This is my will.

『Hmm… child. Have you no notion of who your teacher is? Of the one who took you on as his disciple? Do you believe I would be content with merely having my disciples win a fighting championship?』

「Heh!? 」

『But… Hmmm…, tis good to hear those words from you without the need to hang a carrot. Together, we shall extract the spirits of the heroes and those simpletons! 』

「O, Osu!!」

I’m hungry.

I have no good reason to fight the princess or Rebal.

It’s all about my own.

It’s just my feelings.

But I still don’t want to lose! I’ll win!

『All right, then rest and we shall start tomorrow…is what I would like to say, but we will begin the day after tomorrow. Take a day off tomorrow.』

「Os-… Eh? 」

So, starting tomorrow, more than ever… I was fired up, but the unexpected words uttered by Tre’ainar betrayed me.

What? From tomorrow, isn’t it?

『You are now under the influence of the magic remodeling and the fatigue that ensues. Physically and mentally. Overwork is counterproductive. Taking time to rest is good for training.』

「No, no, but…」

『I understand your impatience. The feeling of ‘your will’ is sufficiently transmitted. Tis why you can rest your body and mind, that you may be fully prepared to train. Is that good? 』

Tre’ainar is really saying, ‘It’s not just reckless training’, I get it.

I see. Is it also training to rest the body?

I’m pretty tired with ladders, sparring and 【Vier】. It’s counterproductive to do more training in this situation.

As I thought, how amazing, this guy.

You’re looking out for me a lot.

『A-And that is why… child. Tomorrow you will rest….』

「Hmm? 」

And, it was at that time.

『S-Speaking of which, is it not about time? You know, as aforementioned…. Umm, just that…… not? Tis not arrived….』

Things like, Tre’ainar looking away while crossing his arms, and glancing at me, seeming restless.

What’s going on all of a sudden? About time? Arrived?


「…… you, can’t read the novel since you’re dead… the one you asked for at the bookstore, the arrival day…」

『Oh, oooh, tis so. Tis so! Mmmm! 』

Hey…… This guy… certainly not?! I’m taking a day off, just so he can read….

『What, why that look?』

Is that a bulls-eye?! Seriously, this guy! …… No……It’s fine.

「True, that’s right. Well then…… tomorrow let’s be carefree and read.」


It’s okay. I’m really indebted to him…. If this much is enough for a thank you,…

『Kokukoku! 』

But I’m happy. Somehow, the tension I felt suddenly loosened up, and in a good way, I felt a little better.