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Coolest Girl in Town

Coolest Girl in Town
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Coolest Girl in Town

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    Read Coolest Girl in Town by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereCoolest Girl in Town Elise Sinclair is an exceptionally talented and personable girl. Elise is not your average teenage girl. She graduated with a double degree at the age of ten years, and is an enigmatic wedding designer, world No. 1 racing driver, a famous musician, and the list goes on ... Over time. The look of disdain she had disappeared and turned to her admiring gaze When it was time for dinner, Elise and the four Griffith siblings were still the only ones present. Jonah and the siblings’ parents had been on vacation abroad, while Alexander Griffith, the eldest son of the Griffith Family, was at thepany; he was the Griffith Group’s president, as well as the person calling the shots in the Griffith Family. The siblings had their own places to stay, but they were forced to move back and stay here at Jonah’s request due to Elise’s arrival. Everyone found it hard on their eyes when they saw Elise still wearing the red embroidered clothes as she came downstairs. A world-renowned fashion designer, Brendan couldn’t help but ask, “Miss Sinclair, there are plenty of clothes upstairs. Can’t you change into one of them?” Elise glanced at her clothes before responding in puzzlement, “But | look pretty in this. My grandma made this for me by hand.”

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