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Chapter 22: An Unexpected Gift
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Chapter 22: An Unexpected Gift

From Soft Feather’s perspective:

Right at the moment that the two ghosts were fiercely charging towards Shuhang, she saw that Senior Song was calm and unflustered, stooping down to pick up his cellphone, then pulling out a stalk of Poison Dragon Grass.

Senior was really calm, as if the two malevolent spirit ghosts charging at him were just garbage that weren’t worth paying attention to!

Poison Dragon Grass is not even a treasured herb, but... this specific Poison Dragon Grass doesn’t appear to have grown naturally here in the wild, instead it seemed like someone had specifically planted it! It seems to be the eye of a formation array.

Once it was pulled out, an incorporeal protective array spread out.

As for the two spirit ghosts that had intended to attack Song Shuhang, they collided with an invisible wall as if they were house flies that flew into an electric flycatcher. After two banging sounds, the ghosts fell down to the floor, unable to move. They had lost all ability to resist.

“So... so powerful!” Soft Feather said in shock.

She was lamenting how she wasn’t as perceptive as Senior Song was.

She had been deploying an array for such a long time and hadn’t even noticed the hidden array. When did Senior Song discover it?

That Poison Dragon Grass was the eye of an array. This differed completely from normal array’s eyes, the eye of this formation was the switch, once it gets pulled out, the array is activated!

This was probably planted by her father sixty years ago.

It seems that, at that time, her father had laid down two layers of barriers at Ghost Lamp Temple. One was a simple sealing array to limit the spirit ghost’s movements. Located in the internal section of the temple, since Ghost Lamp Temple had been torn down, it had lost its effect.

The other array he had placed, was a powerful sealing technique which usually remained hidden. However, once the Dragon Grass is pulled out, it would be activated. This was essentially an array to tame the spirit ghosts. All of the spirit ghosts in the temple would be tamed and thus, sealed!

Senior Song had discovered this second seal the moment he came, right? He had appeared to randomly choose to sit by the eye of the array, in the event that anything unexpected happened to her.

As expected of Senior, I have so much to learn from him!

Soft Feather thought to herself, and at the same time she leapt toward the two spirit ghosts and stepped on them with her feet.

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Afterwards, she took out two pearls that were suffused with a frigid air from her large suitcase.

‘Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl,’ this was a treasure that seals spirit ghosts. Once a spirit ghost enters it, all one needs is to prepare the array related to contracting, and the contract with the spirit ghost would be complete!

To prepare for anything that could go awry during the sealing process, Soft Feather brought a large number of ‘Ghost Sealing Ice Pearls’.

She then held the spirit pearls between her fingertips, and her two hands quickly casted a number of seals on it.

“Seal!” A clear voice sounded.

The two heavily injured spirit ghosts no longer had any energy to fight back, and were sealed into the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearls!



Under Song Shuhang’s wide open eyes, the two green lights that had previously been by Soft Feather’s side accompanying her as she danced, were absorbed into the two ice pearls.

This scene was incredibly Xuanhuan!

There’s no scientific way to explain what had just happened.

Song Shuhang softly swallowed his saliva. The worldview that he took 18 years to construct has mostly crumbled. Perhaps there were truly ghosts in this world?

Something like this that cannot be even explained by science, perhaps this is a special event on earth that only exists in legends?

“Senior, I have to thank you so much. If it weren’t for your assistance, these two spirit ghosts would have escaped. If they had escaped, they wouldn’t return here ever again and it would have been troublesome to find them again.” Soft Feather was incomparably grateful.

“Haha.” Song Shuhang made a dry laugh. Other than making a dry laugh, what else could he say?

“Senior, it just so happens that I have two spirit ghosts. I only need one, so the other is a gift to you! Although you might not have much use for it considering your cultivation level, but perhaps you could give it to your children or disciple in the future.” Soft Feather was a very generous person. Mid grade spirit ghosts were priceless, but she didn’t hesitate for a moment before she held it out to Shuhang.

I don’t even have a girlfriend, where are my children going to come from?

“This is too precious, I cannot accept this!” Song Shuhang replied in a serious tone. Are you trying to kill me, this ice pearl has a ghost inside! Although he was in a state of half believe and half doubt, but what if there were really ghosts inside?

What if a ghost came out? What was he going to do? He was just an ordinary person, and had no way of fighting against ghosts. He’s definitely going to get his blood drained away and die to the ghost!

Something like this, he can’t possibly accept, right?

“Senior, please, you must accept this. This is to thank you for accompanying me to this trip to the Ghost Lamp Temple, for you’ve helped me too much! If you don’t accept this spirit ghost, my heart will be uneasy, and it will affect my cultivation in the future!” Soft Feather insisted, and then proceeded to forcefully stuff one of the ‘Ghost Sealing Ice Pearls’ into his hands, not allowing any rejection.

Song Shuhang could only feel a chill entering his hand under this hot weather. He actually felt that his whole body was more cool and refreshed. If this thing was on him during summer, it would definitely feel as if he was carrying an air conditioner with him.

“Alright, let’s go back.” Soft Feather smiled, quickly packed all of her belongings into the suitcase, and cheerfully returned to Shuhang’s side.

Shuhang had no choice but to place the ‘Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl’ into his pocket. Since this gift was a token of appreciation from Soft Feather, then he should just keep it. Besides, the spirit ghost has been sealed into this thing, it shouldn’t be able to get out anytime soon, right?

This is what he thought.

“Let’s go back and sleep. When morning comes we will go to the train station for the train tickets and prepare to go back.” Song Shuhang said.

“Yep.” Having achieved her objective without a hitch, Soft Feather was in a very good mood.

The two walked shoulder to shoulder out of the forest.

“Ouch.” Soft Feather suddenly called, and looked down at her right foot. It was unknown to her at what time had the glue to the sole lost effectiveness, and the sole fell.

It was actually damaged when she was chasing after those two spirit ghosts.

Song Shuhang turned his head in bewilderment: “Hm?”

“My shoe is spoilt.” Soft Feather lifted her right leg. The sole had broken off, exposing her delicate jade foot. Her crystal clean foot cutely tilted about.

“I’ll support you, the motorcycle is just ahead. In addition, I remember that there was a shopping street near the hotel. Later on we’ll check whether there are any shoes for sale there.” Song Shuhang laughed.

In a short period of time, the motorcycle once again roared, carrying the two of them far away from the Ghost Lamp Temple cemetery.

Soft Feather took along her large suitcase, and sat in the pillion seat leaning against Shuhang’s back. Her smile crawled upwards, showing her good mood.


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Song Shuhang felt that the auntie who sold sandals on the shopping street was really cold-hearted.

Shuhang: “Auntie, how much does it cost for this pair of shoes?”

The auntie scowled and coldly said. “Forty dollars.” ????????????????????????????. ᴄ????m

“That’s really expensive, can we buy for it twenty?” Song Shuhang mercilessly bargained. On a shopping street like this, it’s never the wrong choice to directly cut down the price to fifty percent on any product.

“Okay.” The auntie laughed coldly. “Do you want the left shoe or the right one?”

Shuhang: “....”

“Hahahaha.” Soft Feather could not help but laugh so hard that she couldn’t stand straight.

In the end, Song Shuhang could only obediently spend forty dollars on a pair of ladies’ sandals and let Soft Feather put them on.

The two of them got on the bike and headed towards the hotel.

On the way, Song Shuhang asked curiously. “Tell me, what did I do to offend that auntie?” Why do I feel that she was constantly sneering at me? Sneering till the point my back felt so cold.”

“I don’t know anything about that!” Soft Feather laughed.

Senior, your experience in the mortal world is still far from enough! She thought in her heart.

At the shopping street, the auntie coldly remarked. : “This lady is only twenty nine years and 144 months old, and you dare to address me as auntie? You were lucky that I didn’t sell those sandals to you for a price of two hundred and fifty. Hmph!”

[ED: Bahahaha, She’s had her twenty-ninth birthday twelve times!]


At the Ghost Lamp Temple cemetery.

After Song Shuhang and Soft Feather had left, another figure emerged from the forest. This person sighed, and took out a cigarette. Lighting it up while trembling, he wore a bitter smile. This was a bitter smile that would make others feel that even if he was a hundred miles away, the agony could still be felt.

This figure was that of the mysterious Altar Master. He had hidden himself and waited for an opportunity to act. But until the end, the opportunity that he waited for never came, and he couldn’t make a move at all.

From beginning to end, he had hidden himself to observe from afar, watching Soft Feather and Song Shuhang catch the spirit ghosts.

He had thought about seizing the spirit ghosts by force, but didn’t dare to make a move.