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Cultivation Chat Group

Chapter 31: North River’s Loose Practitioner’s liver hurts
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Chapter 31: North River’s Loose Practitioner’s liver hurts

Even if the path of cultivation would lead him to face a frightening Lightning Tribulation like the Su Clan’s Ah Shiliu, so what? If it was an even greater calamity, so what?

Does the answer even need to be said?

Even if there were countless dangers, even if there were all kinds of calamities, even if there was the danger of his body being destroyed and his dao extinguished at any time.

Despite all that, how could the life of being an ordinary human being even compare with living a life of great magnificence?

Learning the truth in the morning, even if death comes in the evening, is it worth it?

It’s worth it!

He wouldn’t let go of this chance. Unless it’s a rotting person awaiting death or a cowardly rat, who would pass up a chance like this?



It just so happened that there were people chatting in the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

It was Soft Feather, she was narrating her journey in J City to North River’s Loose Practitioner; how she met Senior Song, how she found Ghost Lamp Temple, and how she caught the spirit ghost.

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Seeing that Soft Feather was online, Song Shuhang’s heart suddenly calmed down a lot.

His finger resolutely tapped the Enter button on his keyboard, sending his first message on the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Mt. Books’ Huge Pressure: “Hello Seniors.”

A very ordinary greeting, for sure, but for a new member, beginning like this should be perfect, right?

Spiritual Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather: “Which Senior has come online? Hello to you too, Senior.”

It just so happened that this lady, Soft Feather, was online. To her, everybody in the group other than ‘Su Clan’s Ah Shiliu’ was her senior.

“Ehh? Mt. Books’ Huge Pressure?” North River’s Loose Practitioner was quite surprised.

He remembered that a dozen or so days ago, the group leader Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch had accidentally added a mortal. But, this person had never said a thing, so North River’s Loose Practitioner nearly forgot that there was someone like that in the group.

He originally thought that this person would end up leaving the group very quickly. After all, if one doesn’t know that the people in the group are truly cultivators, the chat group’s contents would definitely lead one to assume that this is a group of retards, and bring about one decisively leaving the group.

It was unexpected that Mt. Books’ Huge Pressure was still here after such a long time. Furthermore, his first message was greeting his seniors. This fella, could it be that he realized something unusual about the group?

Mt. Books’ Huge Pressure: “Hi Senior North River’s Loose Practitioner. Soft Feather, thanks for your two boxes of medicinal ingredients!”

“Ah ah ah? It’s Senior Song!!” Soft Feather quickly replied happily. She had been unable to find out which senior in the group bore the name ‘Song Shuhang’ in the mortal world, she didn’t expect Senior Song to come online today.

Mt. Books’ Huge Pressure: “Soft Feather, you should just call me Shuhang. I am just an ordinary person who was accidentally added into the group by Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch. The reason why I was mistakenly added was due to the fact that my chat account number differs from yours by one digit. Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch, who wanted to add you, added me in by mistake.”

“Huh? Only after you, Senior Song brought it up did I realize that my account number differs by just a single number from yours. We’re truly brought together by fate!” Soft Feather happily said. It seemed as if this lady wouldn’t be able to change from addressing him as ‘Senior Song’ within a short period of time.

Upon seeing this, North River’s Loose Practitioner managed to finally understand what had happened. Soft Feather said she bumped into ‘a very kind senior from the group, ‘Senior Song’ in Jiang Nan, but that senior was actually this person, Mt. Books Huge Pressure.

The dots had also been connected as to why he addressed everybody as seniors upon his first message.

“Little friend Shuhang, since you started to send messages in the group, this means that you were able to figure something out from Soft Feather, correct?” North River’s Loose Practitioner added a smiley as well.

Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch’s divination seems to truly be powerful, a million times better than that slut Copper Trigram’s Immortal Master. This little friend sure enough had fate with people in the group. However, why wasn’t Mt. Yellow’s True Monarch willing to reveal the results of his divination that day?

Spiritual Butterfly Island’s Soft Feather: “What was Senior Song able to learn from watching me?”

Mt. Books’ Huge Pressure: “To be honest, it does have to do with Soft Feather. When I was helping her look for Ghost Lamp Temple, I was indeed able to sense that she was very different from ordinary people. But, the biggest reason was the two boxes of ‘Simplified Body Tempering Liquid’ medicinal ingredients she sent that I received today. I tried following Medicine Master’s pill recipe once earlier... and also swallowed a mouthful of the resulting medicinal liquid.”

“Oh? Could it be that you managed to successfully refine the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid?” North River’s Loose Practitioner replied in shock. An ordinary mortal receives Soft Feather’s medicinal ingredients, then follows the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid’s recipe. Under the circumstances of having nobody to guide him, he managed to refine the Body Tempering Liquid?

Since when did refining pills become so easy?

Or could it be that Song Shuhang possesses incomparably frightening luck, the kind of luck that can go against the heavens?

Luck is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle, surrounded by mystery, yet you can’t deny its existence. North River’s Loose Practitioner knows of somebody that has luck that could go against the heavens, that person didn’t need to do a single thing, if he had no money, he could just go for a stroll, and pick up money until his hands turned numb. Just one trip out was enough to last him a couple of days.

It was a pity that despite possessing such powerful luck, he didn’t have the slightest bit of talent in cultivating. Otherwise North River’s Loose Practitioner would’ve taken that person as his disciple, no matter what.

Soft Feather was equally shocked as she said: “Senior Song, my medicinal ingredients should only have arrived at your place around this afternoon, right? Counting the time, it’s only enough time for at most a single cauldron of pill medicine? Could it be that Senior succeeded on his first try!?”

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“I don’t know if I succeeded or failed... although I followed the pill recipe step by step, when I reached the forty-first ingredient, there was a mishap.” Song Shuhang then continued saying, “In the end I only had five spoonfuls or so of Body Tempering Liquid left, I tried some, and my body was strengthened by a large degree. Whether it was vision, body toughness, endurance or strength, everything was increased.”

“Having these characteristics, without a shadow of a doubt, your refinement was a success. Even if a mishap happened, at the very worst it would only mean that the Body Tempering Liquid you refined was of a slightly worse quality.” North River’s Loose Practitioner confirmed.

As it’s the most basic medicinal liquid, the body usually possesses a very low drug resistance towards Body Tempering Liquid.

So it was different from high-rank pills, it did not have high requirements for quality. Even if the quality of its refinement was low, just taking more of it would bring about the same effect. This was also why despite having only half the effects of the old version of Body Tempering Liquid, the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid was still recognized by everybody in the group.

If it was a high-rank pill, a slight inadequacy in quality would mean the effects would have a world of a difference. Moreover, it was also very difficult to match the accumulated medicinal energy with quantity. The more it’s taken, the higher the body’s resistance towards the pill would become, overtime, that kind of high-rank pill would have no effects on that cultivators body.

“Actually, I’m even more interested in knowing how many furnaces of Body Tempering Liquid did you, little friend Shuhang attempt refining? How many times did you succeed?” North River’s Loose Practitioner curiously asked.

“How many furnaces? It should be just one furnace, because I only have one induction stove.” Song Shuhang candidly replied.

Before he was done speaking, Soft Feather replied at the same time, “If it’s the number of times, Senior Song should only have tried it once. Because the medicinal ingredients I sent only arrived approximately five or six hours ago.”

“One furnace, and only one try was needed to succeed?!” North River’s Loose Practitioner suddenly felt his knees turn soft, he truly wanted to kneel and cry bitterly. He was a loose practitioner, when he started cultivating, he could only rely on himself.

When he refined the Body Tempering Liquid during that time, how many times did he fail? He could no longer remember! Anyways, he failed many, many times, he failed to the point of losing a fortune before managing to slightly grasp onto the ways of refining Body Tempering Liquid! Although at that time he was refining the old complicated version of Body Tempering Liquid, this comparison was still absolutely dreadful!

By the way, what was that induction stove thing? Is it a new way of refining pills?

Could it be that that girl Soft Feather even sent little friend Shuhang a pill furnace? Is it possible that this new type of pill furnace could increase the chances of succeeding?

When he thought of that, North River’s Loose Practitioner tried asking, “Little friend Shuhang, you previously said that you used an induction stove, could it be a new model of pill furnace?”

“Ehh? Is there such a model of pill furnace?” Soft Feather bewilderedly asked.

When he saw Soft Feather’s reply, North River’s Loose Practitioner felt his mind faintly hurting... he had a premonition that Song Shuhang’s next reply would be one that would make him drown in his own tears!

“......” Song Shuhang gazed at the induction stove in his kitchen while his fingers tapped on the keyboard, “Nope, it’s just a number 12 induction stove produced by Wei Zhen Company for home-use.”