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Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 2
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Stronger Just by Breathing (2)

After hesitating for a moment, Chen Fei left the medicine hall as he was concerned that borrowing money from multiple people would raise suspicion.

An hour later, Chen Fei managed to obtain the herb successfully. He covered his face with a straw hat and sold the herb secretly in a local market for one or two silver coins and fifty copper coins.

Chen Fei didn’t dare to go back to the medicine hall, so he headed to an abandoned courtyard in the county.

“Simplify Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique.”

Chen Fei recited in his mind. In the next moment, the tael of silver in his sleeve disappeared, and the interface in his vision flickered slightly.

“Simplifying Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique… Simplification Successful… Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique. Breathing!”


Before Chen Fei could wrap his head around it, he suddenly saw that the information on the interface representing himself had changed.

Name: Chen Fei

[Class: Warrior]

[Cultivation Techniques: Extreme Mountain Fist, Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique (Beginner 1/100)]

[Cultivation Realm: None]

As Chen Fei continued to breathe naturally, a warm sensation spread throughout his body, and the number behind the entry-level of the breathing technique kept increasing. In just a short while, it had become 10/100.

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Many insights regarding the Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique naturally appeared in his mind.

“I can cultivate just by breathing?”

At this moment, Chen Fei was stunned. Wasn’t this simplified function a little too much? The Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique was a special breathing method to mobilize the internal organs of the body and strengthen the body.

Now, after the simplification, it actually became that just the act of breathing itself could improve his cultivation level.

This was simply incredible, and Chen Fei was thrilled. He really liked this new development!


Just as Chen Fei was about to continue studying the breathing technique, the door of the courtyard was suddenly kicked open, and a group of people rushed in aggressively.

“It’s him, Cui Steward!” Sha Daxin pointed at Chen Fei and said, “I saw him selling a herb for money just now before running here.”

Chen Fei frowned slightly. Sha Daxin had a conflict with his original self before. He didn’t expect to be caught selling herbs. In other words, it seemed like this person had been keeping an eye on him and finally found an opportunity.

“Search him!”

Cui Sanjie waved his hand, and a few menial workers immediately pounced on Chen Fei. Chen Fei did not resist and allowed them to search him.

In just a moment, they threw all the money Chen Fei had on him, which was fifty copper coins, on the ground.

“Didn’t you say that he sold it for one tael of silver?” Cui Sanjie frowned and turned to look at Sha Daxin.

“He must have hidden the money in the courtyard.”

Sha Daxin was slightly flustered but immediately thought of a reason. He walked to Chen Fei and grabbed his collar, shouting, “Chen Fei, your deeds have been exposed. Hurry up and hand over the money. Otherwise, things will get more complicated later!”

“I didn’t sell any herbs. Don’t falsely accuse me.” Chen Fei pried Sha Daxin’s hand away and said with an innocent expression.

“Steward Cui, the money must be in this courtyard. We just need to search it carefully, and we will definitely find it.” Sha Daxin glared at Chen Fei fiercely and turned to Cui Sanjie.

Cui Sanjie didn’t say a word but glanced around the dilapidated courtyard, observing the dust-covered ground and the footprints they had left. Nothing else seemed out of place.

“Why are you here?” Cui Sanjie asked Chen Fei.

“I came to calm down after failing in martial arts practice,” Chen Fei replied softly.

Cui Sanjie smirked. He had heard that this menial worker had attempted to become a disciple at the Extreme Mountain Fist Hall but had achieved nothing after three months.

“Sha Daxin, come here,” Cui Sanjie ordered.

“Yes, Steward Cui,” Sha Daxin replied quickly, approaching them.


With a loud thud, Sha Daxin stumbled to the side, clutching his red and swollen cheek. A few teeth had fallen out, and he looked bewildered.

“Next time, don’t come to me if you don’t have evidence,” Cui Sanjie said calmly.

“I… I understand,” Sha Daxin stuttered in fright.

Cui Sanjie shook his head, feeling bored, and left the courtyard. The other menial workers followed him, but Sha Daxin stayed behind, glaring at Chen Fei with malice. Unable to take out his anger on Cui Sanjie, he directed it at Chen Fei instead.

“You’re lucky this time!” Sha Daxin spat at Chen Fei before turning to leave.

An hour later, Chen Fei returned to his sleeping quarters in the medical hall and checked his status on the interface.

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Name: Chen Fei

Class: Warrior

Cultivation Techniques: Extreme Mountain Fist, Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique (Master 930/1000)

Cultivation Realm: Warrior (1/100)

The Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique had reached mastery level, and each breath he took gave his body more strength. His cultivation level had also risen, and he had become a Warrior.

According to the senior disciple of the boxing club, a Warrior was just an ordinary person who had started practicing martial arts. The true achievement was reaching the Skin Toughening Realm, which would set one apart from ordinary people and allow them to become a member of the Extreme Mountain Fist Hall.

As Chen Fei was contemplating this, the interface changed again.

Cultivation Technique: Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique (Perfection 1/10000)

Cultivation Realm: Warrior (2/100)

The warmth in his body became more apparent, and his cultivation level rose by a point. His stomach rumbled, indicating that his body was slowly becoming stronger and needed more energy.

The medical hall only provided two meals a day, and fish and meat were out of the question. However, he could still eat enough to satisfy his hunger, as the medical hall was not too strict in this regard.

Chen Fei deliberately ate more, but he still woke up hungry in the middle of the night. He checked his cultivation progress on the interface and found that his breathing technique was still at perfection and had increased by a few thousand points. He estimated that he would be able to break through to the next level, but he didn’t know if there were any other realms beyond perfection.

His cultivation level had also increased, and he would probably reach the Skin Toughening Realm in less than 20 days, becoming a true martial artist. This would give him a choice between staying in the medical hall or going to the Extreme Mountain Fist Hall.

Chen Fei worked diligently with newfound hope and energy, feeling a great sense of accomplishment with each jump in the numbers on the interface. Before noon, the Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique had reached its peak.

Cultivation Technique: Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique (Great Completion)

There was no room for improvement.

Chen Fei had reached the pinnacle of the Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique. At this level of cultivation, he had almost achieved the same level as the person who had created the technique. In the Extreme Mountain Fist Hall, no one had ever perfected this breathing technique.

Since it was just a basic technique, there was no need to struggle with it. Chen Fei had cultivated it to perfection naturally. As he continued to practice, the benefits of the consummate-level breathing technique became more apparent. The interface confirmed his suspicion, the time taken to progress had effectively been halved. He had initially estimated that it would take him twenty days to reach the Skin Toughening realm, but now it seemed that he could achieve it in ten days.

Chen Fei’s appetite increased gradually, but he was not reprimanded for it. In fact, he was even praised by one of the stewards two days ago. Compared to the other lackluster menial workers, Chen Fei’s positive attitude and energetic spirit had caught the attention of the steward, who had shown some concern for him as a result. The other menial workers were envious of Chen Fei’s progress and had become much closer to him. However, Sha Daxin, who was in the corner, still looked at him coldly.