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Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts Techniques

Chapter 32
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Suppressing Dragon Elephant

The cowhide was likely very old, rubbed by many hands, and appeared smooth. But even so, the overall material of the cowhide was still undamaged.

“Seems like this isn’t ordinary yellow cowhide. Could it be from a demonic beast?” Chen Fei’s mind flashed with some bizarre tales. Rumors had it that in this world, besides the supernatural, there were also demonic beasts.

Similar to human cultivators, demonic beasts could also cultivate themselves, possessing not only spiritual wisdom but also extremely powerful strength.

However, there were no demonic beasts in Pingyin County, only frequent occurrences of the supernatural.

After an hour, Chen Fei rubbed his eyes and lifted his head.

He had finished reading the techniques on the cowhide, but Chen Fei was a bit puzzled. No matter how he looked at it, this was completely different from ordinary cultivation techniques.

If Chen Fei were to practice this normally, he wasn’t even sure how to start.

He also wondered how Jian Liang was able to comprehend the magnificent and powerful techniques of the cowhide. Or perhaps Jian Liang’s techniques weren’t even from this cowhide but from some other source.

It was just that Jian Liang knew the techniques recorded on the cowhide were precious, so he carried it with him and studied it occasionally.

Chen Fei looked at the cowhide and tried to tear it with some force, but the cowhide didn’t budge. Chen Fei’s expression slightly changed as he took out his sword and pressed it against the cowhide, exerting force.

In the end, Chen Fei put forth all his strength, but the cowhide remained undamaged.

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“No wonder he kept the cowhide over his heart. I suppose he knew of the cowhide’s defensive capabilities.” Chen Fei realized suddenly. But in the end, Jian Liang wasn’t able to utilize the cowhide’s defense.

Chen Fei’s first sword first pierced Jian Liang’s chest, and the second went through his throat. At that moment, Chen Fei’s instinctual thought was that many people would protect their hearts, but he didn’t expect to hit it by accident.

[Technique: Suppressing Dragon Elephant (Not yet mastered)]

“50,000 silver taels is such an exorbitant simplification fee!” Chen Fei gritted his teeth as he looked at the information displayed on the interface.

However, this also indirectly reflected the immense power and difficulty of this technique. Chen Fei’s current killing move, the Immortal Way, only cost him 500 silver taels at the beginning.

This was a difference of a hundred times. Based on Chen Fei’s current earning speed, he would need to accumulate for a very long time, and he cannot spend on anything.

“It seems that I won’t be able to cultivate it in a short time.” Chen Fei shook his head helplessly.

The next morning, several heads hung on the gate of the north city of Pingyin County, with Jian Liang’s head among them.

Pingyin County’s reaction was intense, especially for some of the migrant refugees who had particularly ugly expressions. Some were bandits, while others were petty thieves.

Pingyin County’s attitude was also clear: to intimidate.

Immediately after the crime was committed, Pingyin County dispatched people to encircle and kill. Although many had escaped, they had also killed many. In particular, Jian Liang’s head made some bandits tremble with fear.

This is the third leader, who had escaped the encirclement yesterday evening, but unexpectedly ended up dying in the end.

“Big Brother, why don’t we retreat from Pingyin County first? Third Brother was blocked last time, and this time it’s even worse. There should be a tracker in Pingyin County, and our simple disguises can’t escape their eyes.”

“I haven’t avenged Third Brother yet, and you want me to leave now?” Ling Hanjun’s gaze suddenly turned fierce.

“I’m just worried…”


With a muffled sound, Ling Hanjun slapped the person down and interrupted his words.

“Find out that person’s identity by any means necessary, I want him to pay with his own blood!” Ling Hanjun roared, looking at the trembling appearance of the others. He took a deep breath and said, “Leave a few people here, and others will leave the city in batches!”

The others didn’t dare to disobey and agreed and began to search for the person who killed Jian Liang.

As night fell, Chen Fei changed his appearance and appeared in the dark market. However, Chen Fei did not see a trace of those bandits, mainly because he only remembered a few people who had left an impression on him, and it was difficult to identify them with their disguises.

Failing to obtain the desired information, Chen Fei unexpectedly saw a reward poster, which showed his own face that he had deliberately changed last night.

Anyone who provided useful information could get one thousand taels, and anyone who captured him could get five thousand taels. This was a huge reward that few could resist.

“This black market obviously has the backing of the county government, and those bandits actually posted the reward here.” Chen Fei shook his head slightly, indicating how much those bandits wanted to kill him.

Turning around and leaving the black market, he was followed by a tail. Chen Fei deliberately circled a few times before shaking them off.

Back in the courtyard, Chen Fei began to practice swordsmanship. Since those bandits couldn’t find him, Chen Fei didn’t have any other means to find them either. Fortunately, the bandit’s attention was all focused on finding him, and the city was now fully guarded, so he should be able to have a few peaceful days.

As time passed, the refugees gradually became true residents of Pingyin County, and the county became more stable. No one was killed at night anymore, except for the reward poster of those bandits, which had now increased to eight thousand taels.

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It seemed that all the martial artists were attracted by this reward poster.

It was no wonder, the reward was just too much.

“What are they really after? Is it for that piece of cowhide?” Chen Fei suddenly realized that the technique recorded on it was truly amazing. After he read it last time, he had already forgotten most of it, and he estimated that he would forget it completely after some time.

After discovering this phenomenon, Chen Fei deliberately wrote down the Suppressing Dragon Elephant technique on paper. However, something that made Chen Fei gasp in surprise happened. The words on those pieces of paper would mysteriously lose a few words the next day.

“What’s the principle behind this?” Chen Fei was confused, no wonder the technique had to be recorded on this cowhide and kept close. Before learning the technique, he would have to read this cowhide several times.

“I have an interface, and the technique is already recorded. Can I sell this cowhide?” Chen Fei contemplated silently, realizing that he had gained yet another understanding of this world. However, the cowhide scroll seemed to have no buyers in Pingyin County.

Or even if there were buyers, how could Chen Fei protect the silver taels he earned after selling it?

“For now, let’s just use it as a protective charm.”

Chen Fei shook his head and put the matter aside, immersing himself in the practice of swordsmanship. As time passed, he had already incorporated the third set of sword techniques, and his level of swordsmanship became higher and higher. While his cultivation remained steady, he still couldn’t break through to the Bone Tempering stage in a short time.

However, he was gradually making progress in experimenting with the Light Spirit Pill. Perhaps in a while, he would be able to refine it himself.

“Come out and follow me!”

The door of the alchemy room was kicked open, and Zhang Yuezhen walked in, catching sight of Chen Fei’s exploding furnace.

“Disturbance during alchemy is prohibited. This is the rule of the clinic!” Chen Fei’s face turned a little ugly.

“The rule of the North City Medical Center is what I say it is!”

Zhang Yuezhen interrupted Chen Fei’s words with a wave of her hand, showing no respect. “Don’t say those useless things, go to the Zhang Mansion!”

“Hurry up, or else the Eldest Miss will blame you, and you won’t be able to bear the consequences!” Dan Xiang urged Chen Fei impatiently.