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Demon Lord Management Sim Game

Demon Lord Management Sim Game
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Demon Lord Management Sim Game

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    Summary Bme a prophet? Recruiting the most outstanding individuals eradicate demons? Leading the holy army in the extermination of evils? Growing stronger until you finally defeat the demon lord?Or you can choose bme the demon lord itself. Create your own subordinates, even shape them arding your wishes. You can also build a dreaded kingdom of darkness and make an army of chaos.In the VR game “Mistrea: A Fantasy Management Sim Game of Light and Dark,” both options are available.And the snd choice appeals Ethan Alexander more. be a good citizen in the real world, he had follow the rules; why would he do so in a fantasy realm?Thus, in the world of magic and fantastic creatures, he was reborn as Vorn, the demon lord. But that doesn't mean he'll make the world fall i an era of darkness right away. He will not launch campaigns of heinous human slaughter.It would be no fun for him rule over a ruined world. That means that those who worship him will be scarce. He wanted be adored, hailed and regarded as equal God by many people.He will keep using methods that are notnstrained by any rules. The evil way, but not always violent, and more fun.---------This ry will have some steamy scenes, but those are not the main focus.Main protagonist's girls won't get cucked by others.Insider this a multiple protagonist ry. So, there will be POV switches.Some parts feel slow, but I guarantee it will be worth your time.There will be some dark jokes, so don't be surprised. You’re reading “Demon Lord Management Sim Game” on See all Hide