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Detective Ghost Empress

Detective Ghost Empress
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Detective Ghost Empress

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    Summary Liu Hui Ying was a normal detective in the eyes of the others, one who can solve any case that was handed her. But what they don’t know is that behind her success are three ghosts! Born in the family of the celestial masters, Liu Hui Ying had the ability see ghosts and signntracts with them. This was how she tied three ghosts serve her, while Liu Hui Ying was slurping on a smoothie, the three ghosts were working hard get clues for the case, in exchange for their hard work, Liu Hui Ying will take care of what they desired the most.Life was perfect but then one day she by a twist of fate ended up getting transmigrated as an Empress, one that was entangled in a messy case! Now, she needed solve the case with the help of her three ghosts before she was forced drink poisoned wine!Watch her escape the palace schemes and bme one of the most prominent Empress of her dynasty!But what was with the Emperor why was he chasing her? Get away! Don’tuch her! She was allergic men!“ My dear, what do you want, is it gold, silver or an Empire?” asked the Emperor who once hated her very existence with love brimming in his eyes.“ You get away from me, you are making my allergies flare up,” lded a very red and itchy Liu Hui Ying.Can the Emperor heal her broken heart and find a way heal her allergies? Will love prevail or will Liu Hui Ying be replaced by someone more beautiful? You’re reading “Detective Ghost Empress” on See all Hide