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Divine Path System

Divine Path System
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Divine Path System

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    Summary Varian only wanted to end the war with the Abyssals and bring peace so that no one would lose their dad like he did. So he vowed to be the strongest Awakener and reach the peak of Divine Paths: Body Awakeners blasted mountains with a punch. Telepaths controlled enemies from a different continent. Morphers transformed into mythical beasts and plants. Elementals controlled the Four Elements. Space and Time Awakeners ruled the dimensions. But those dreams crumbled the day his Mom died. A year passed and his dreams faded. He thought life would stay the same until… Divine Path System revealed his mother’s last wish — Save the mysterious girl that haunted his dreams. Armed with a mysterious system and determination to fulfill his mother’s last wish, will Varian be able to save the girl and find out why his mother wanted to save her? Join Varian on his journey as he writes his own destiny. TLDR: A young man’s journey to fulfill his mother’s last wish to find the mysterious girl that haunts his dreams in a futuristic world with super powers. Note: 1. The ending of this story, including the entire story, is decided. If you are worrying about whether the story has a proper ending, I can say with certainty the ending is beautiful. 2. If there is more response, I’ll be motivated to write more every day. 3. When you give a review, try to be constructive. Criticism is accepted and welcome, but no hate reviews. Show More

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