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Divorced but Delighted By Millie Huffman

Divorced but Delighted By Millie Huffman
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Divorced but Delighted By Millie Huffman

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    Read Divorced but Delighted By Millie Huffman by Millie Huffman. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereDivorced but Delighted By Millie Huffman full chapter. Genre: Romance After three years of marriage, Draven utters the words, "Let's get divorced," making it the second sentence he has said to Cierra, the first being on their wedding night when he mentioned sending her abroad. Cierra had been mistakenly taken in by the Boyle family, as she was not the real daughter, Aleah Boyle. Cierra and Draven were childhood sweethearts, but their marriage was mainly due to fulfilling Draven's grandfather's wish. Aleah's bipolar disorder caused her to be unable to tolerate Cierra's presence, leading to her suicide. Cierra was sent abroad to prevent Aleah's condition from worsening. Now, Draven presents Cierra with a divorce agreement, offering her time to review it. He promises to transfer a villa under her name. Cierra signs the agreement happily and receives news that those involved in stalking and attempting to kidnap her have been caught, including evidence implicating her adoptive parents and nominal husband, Draven.