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Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

Dungeon of Pride, Laplace
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Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

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    Summary Where there is light there shall be darknessHero? Nahh I'm the demon.In a world where the demons are looked on as the incarnation of evil, the human-demon war raged on across the wholentinent.The Seraphims, proter of humanity, and the Demon lords who rule across all demonkind. Amidst all the chaos, Simon was reincarnated as the lowest ranking demon noble.A brutal world where the strong feeds on the weak, eat or be eaten, kill or be killed. A demon far off from humanity….a dream unfulfilled in his previous life will be achieved in this life. Taking on the moniker of Laplace, he destroys all his enemies and rise over them. You’re reading “Dungeon of Pride, Laplace” on See all Hide

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