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Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!
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Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

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    Summary Zhuang Xian was abducted when she was three years old and lived in an orphanage until she was sixteen when the Zhuang family adopted her. From then on, she jumped from being an orphan with nothing a little princess. But she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted find her birth parents and get their love, but she didn’t expect instead find a family of jackals and snakes. Theyok advantage of her trust annex her adoptive parents’mpany and forced them their deaths.Her three brothers fled abroad, while Zhuang Xian was beaten and lded by everyone. Locked in a warehouse, she was forced endurerture for the whole month with a clear mind thanks drugs. In the end, she died miserably due her fiance and her sister’s plotting against her. That cheating scumbag and prostitute! Zhuang Xian swore before her death that if there was a next life, she would be willing do anything for the Zhuang family, and she wouldn’t let these people deceive her like this again! She would make sure that those who treated her well would have a good life! Zhuang Xian didn’t get the next life, but she did return the first three years of her adoption. For three years, she stayed under the radar and created multiple identities for herself.When three years were up, she returned the Zhuang family and beat up those scumbags, while her three brothers doted on her as though she was a treasure! Outsiders say that the Zhuang family’s adopted daughter didn’t learn well when she was younger, that she wasmpletely illiterate, and that she was stubborn. The reason she was rejected by her previous adoptive family was that she was prone stealing.However… She was the Chess Saint, the Gold Medalist Designer, and also the world’s best dor! All of them were her! There was also the crazy slave-like man who loved spoil her and loved show off his wife, “Zhuang Xian is beautiful, right? She’s my wife!” You’re reading “Everyone Wants Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!” on See all Hide

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