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Find Me In Your Labyrinth pdf

Find Me In Your Labyrinth pdf
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Find Me In Your Labyrinth pdf

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    Read Find Me In Your Labyrinth pdf by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereFind Me In Your Labyrinth pdf by . Genre: Romance Estelle Macclain arrives at the Sapphire Hotel to meet Jonathan Lamont, her husband whom she has never met before. Their marriage was arranged to save Estelle's family business, with the condition that it would be dissolved automatically after three years. Estelle hopes Jonathan will show respect when they meet. She enters Jonathan's suite and hears a sound from the bedroom. When she investigates, she is grabbed by a man who accuses her of drugging him. In the darkness, they have a passionate encounter, but afterward, Jonathan leaves without acknowledging Estelle. Estelle overhears a conversation between Jonathan and his assistant, where Jonathan expresses his displeasure at Bennett, Estelle's father, and his intentions to sell her again. Fearing Jonathan's reaction, Estelle leaves a note and escapes through the balcony. Jonathan later discovers her disappearance and finds a bloodstain on the bed, realizing that Estelle was not a ghost and something unexpected has occurred... Read Find Me In Your Labyrinth pdf by

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