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Flash Marriage When We Met

Flash Marriage When We Met
185 Chapters
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Flash Marriage When We Met

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    Read Flash Marriage When We Met by S.D.Charlotte. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereFlash Marriage When We Met by S.D.Charlotte full chapter at . Artist: Monica Donat... Genre: Billionaire At the MUSE Hotel in Genoca City, Monica Donat, an 18-year-old girl, is facing an agonizing situation. Her family is in dire financial straits, and her father has decided to marry her off to Joe Malone, a wealthy but unattractive man known for his overbearing mother, Madam Malone. Monica is humiliated by Madam Malone's demands, which include bearing children, giving up flashy clothes and makeup, and even sleeping in the same bed as her new husband, Joe. Monica finally snaps and loudly refuses to marry Joe, causing a scene in the hotel lobby. Madam Malone reminds her of her family's desperate situation and taunts her about having no other options. In the midst of this confrontation, a mysterious man named Leo Hawn, who is rumored to be a billionaire with a horrifying face and eccentric personality, enters the scene. Monica learns that Leo is a powerful figure in the city, and despite his terrifying appearance, she sees an opportunity to escape her impending marriage to Joe. Summoning her courage, she approaches Leo and boldly kisses him, then implores him to marry her. Joe, fearing Leo's influence, tries to placate him and take Monica away. However, Leo's assistant arrives with urgent news. Leo's grandfather is insisting on Leo marrying a woman named Rachel, threatening to end his own life if Leo doesn'tply. This revelation forces Leo to take a drastic step; he claims Monica as his fiancée to thwart his grandfather's plans. The situation bes moreplicated as Monica finds herself entangled with the enigmatic Leo Hawn, who now declares her as his fiancée, potentially saving her from the Malone family's clutches.... Read Flash Marriage When We Met by S.D.Charlotte