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Forged in the Flames by Karima Sa'ad Usman

Forged in the Flames by Karima Sa'ad Usman
103 Chapters
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Forged in the Flames by Karima Sa'ad Usman

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    Read Forged in the Flames by Karima Sa'ad Usman by Karima Sa'ad Usman. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereForged in the Flames by Karima Sa'ad Usman full chapter at . Genre: Revenge The , Aliana, is awakened by her father's Delta, who urgently calls them toe outside in the middle of the night. Aliana's father, Alpha Gabriel, had recently moved their pack from a grand house to a smaller one in the packpound. This move was necessitated by their defeat of an evil Lycan king who had enslaved their kind. Alpha Gabriel had been challenged by the rogue Lycan prince, Nikolas, and reluctantly agreed to submit to him in order to protect their pack members. Aliana is skeptical about trusting the Lycans but understands that her father chose peace over pride and the certainty of defeat in a war. Nikolas had conquered all the packs in the territory, leaving Aliana's pack as the last one standing. Despite her reservations, Aliana promises her father that she will not challenge or disrespect the rogue prince, swearing to stay alive for his sake. She refuses, however, to swear by her wolf, Raven. Aliana, who is twenty-one years old, had postponed finding a mate in order to assist her father as the acting Luna. As they gather outside, Nikolas addresses the pack, asserting his dominance and demanding absolute obedience. He humiliates Alpha Gabriel by forcing him to kneel and demonstrate his submission. Aliana speaks up against this treatment, but Nikolas dismisses her, referring to her as a girl. He orders both Aliana and her father to kneel, and despite her resistance, Aliana's wolf Ravenpels her toply. The pack witnesses their leaders' degradation, and tears well up in Aliana's eyes. She understands that they have been reduced from leaders to slaves. Nikolas asserts his authority, making it clear that no werewolf is above a Lycan and that disobedience will be met with death. Aliana realizes that they are now under the rule of criminals and savages, and their days of peace and freedom havee to an end. She fears the hardships and oppression that lie ahead for her pack. Read Forged in the Flames by Karima Sa'ad Usman