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Fully Leveled Bigshot Becomes A Farmgirl

Fully Leveled Bigshot Becomes A Farmgirl
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Fully Leveled Bigshot Becomes A Farmgirl

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    Summary Shu Yu transmigrated bme a mob character, exiled i oblivion after appearing twice after helping the female side character who kept trying dig a deeper hole for herself.Realizing sheuldn’t change the oume, Shu Yu decided just goof off.But even before the exile came, she was suddenlyld that she was not a daughter of the Shu family.She was born a farmer’s family, who were so poor theyuldn’t afford repair their leaking house. Having decided eliminate the tarnishing of their good name, Shu Yu’s adopted family decided murder her.Shu Yu:me on, see who dies.Returning her biological family, the sight of a plate of salted vegetables, a barely-full bowl of rice, and her real parents’ nervous looks, she finally sighed.No more goofing off, or she’s going starve death.You’re reading “Fully Leveled Bigshot Bmes A Farmgirl” on See all Hide