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Genius Archer's Streaming

Genius Archer's Streaming
308 Chapters
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Genius Archer's Streaming

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    Summary Yoo Sang-hyun, once the youngest champion in a national archerympetition and a highly promising talent, saw his dreams shattered by a tragic accident that rendered him unable handle a bow ever again. Now, as a fallen prodigy, he faced the additional setback of being fired from thempany he had joined. In order make a living, heok on the persona of Almond and embarked on a new path as a game streamer. [You have selected a bow] Swish! Thuk! [Headshot!] “Are bosses supposed be defeated in a single shot?” His exceptional talent once again shines through! 28 years old. High school graduate. Unemployed. Specializes in archery. Returning as a streaming genius, he sets off on an entertaining journey of rebellion!You’re reading “Genius Archer's Streaming” on See all Hide