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Gods' Impact Online

Gods' Impact Online
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Gods' Impact Online

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    Summary In the future timeline, Humankind had developed things that brought a revolution the world. But their best invention was fully immersive VR games that became more and more advanced as time passed. Theyuld create new worlds— in virtual reality, that was more beautiful and profound than the real world they lived in.Upon seeing how Humankind started discarding the world created by the gods and embracing the fake world created by humans, gods were enraged.Thus, gods transported the souls of all the VR game players i the game created by gods—called Gods' impact, which was unlike any VR game. It waso surreal with daily struggles, quests, systems, monsters, and… more deadly and cruel than the real world.However, theyuld use their real-life skills and talents in the game. The money they earned in the game was added their real-life bank aunt. As they evolved in the game, their body also changed in real life. Furthermore, the players who died in the game also died in the real world.How will Zach, who just happened try out the VR game for the first time, only be transported i Gods’ impact, survive?«Everyone’s stats are limited. I will bme limitless by cultivating infinite MP!» Zach announced nonchalantly when he realized he might be the strongest player in the game.Little did the gods know that they would regret messing with Zach, and his existence alone would bme a threat them.***Author: English is not my native language, but that shouldn’t matter. You will find little no errors in my book. Also, I won’t ask you read 40 chapters before decidingntinue reading it; one chapter is enough.You’re reading “Gods' Impact Online” on See all Hide