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    Read HOMME INACCESSIBLE by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereHOMME INACCESSIBLE update . Thể loại: Romance,... Mrs. Xavier, head of the Xavier family, celebrated her 70th birthday this evening. Her nephews and nieces, along with their husbands, brought her presents. “Grandma, I know you like tea. The Pu Erh tea I am giving you is worth fifty thousand euros. - Grandma, I heard you follow Buddhism. This jade Buddha statue is worth sixty thousand euros… Mrs. Xavier looked at the gifts with a smile and the whole family felt happy and harmonious. At this moment, Clément Huet, the husband of the eldest niece, said suddenly: - Grandma, can you lend me one hundred thousand euros? Léa, who works at the orphanage suffers from uremia, and she needs money to get treatment... () His words shocked the whole family. They looked at Clément Huet with surprised eyes.() Xavier's birthday party, he has not prepared any gifts yet, and wants to borrow Xavier another hundred thousand euros, is the son-in-law too brave?

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