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Heartstrings On Fire

Heartstrings On Fire
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Heartstrings On Fire

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    Read Heartstrings On Fire by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereHeartstrings On Fire PDF full chapter at . Artist: Agnes & Jared Pritchard... Genre: Romance The story revolves around the character Agnes Pritchard, a new intern at the secretarial office. Although she was only five minutes late, she was summoned to the boss's office for a one-hour lecture. When she emerged from the CEO's office, she looked distraught, with a red and swollen face, indicating that she had been crying. Everyone in the secretarial office felt sorry for her. Agnes's job involved writing drafts and organizing files. However, for some reason, the CEO seemed to have a grudge against her and frequently called her into his office for reprimands. Agnes would alwayse out of these meetings looking deeply affected. Anita, another intern, expressed her indignation, wondering why the CEO was so harsh on Agnes and why he always singled her out for criticism. Agnes was a junior majoring in news management at Lakeside College, and she was only there for a month-long winter internship. Anita reassured Agnes, telling her to hang in there as the internship was almost over. Later, they discussed attending a department dinner, which Agnes was hesitant about. Yolanda, another intern, was hosting the dinner, and it was rumored that she had special privileges. Agnes worried about the CEO's behavior and his sudden mood shifts towards her. Eventually, she decided to attend the dinner to avoid going home, where she feared she might break down emotionally. At the dinner, Agnes became the center of attention as people wondered why the CEO treated her so coldly. When asked about it, Agnes claimed not to know the reason, evoking sympathy from those present. During the dinner, Agnes received a phone call from Jared, whose voice was described as deep and seductive. He inquired about her whereabouts, leaving Agnes feeling anxious.... Read Heartstrings On Fire Jared and Anita.

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