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Hero of Darkness-Novel

Chapter 34: Crossing paths again
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Chapter 34: Crossing paths again

Kahn watched from the shadows as the Scarlet Lion adventurers team was getting surrounded by the kobold groups from all sides. He almost felt bad for these people as they had a knife on their throats and they didn't even know it yet.

Even if Kahn were to interfere and help these people, there was very little he could do. He didn't have many long-range or Area of Effect (AoE) skills that could even help in this situation. Not without revealing his cards such as Omega & the Six Generals at least.

His subordinate skill was something one would expect from a Summoner, not an archer. It will become troublesome if the word of it got out because Kahn decided to help these people. He could not afford to have any witnesses.

Just as Kahn expected, when the silver kobold ordered the surrounding henchmen to attack from all 4 sides, the formation broke in a matter of minutes.. Many were unable to adapt to the onslaught coming from every direction and people started dying.

The wolfkin from the group were torn piece by piece by the kobolds as if there was some sort of long animosity between these two species.

In just 10 minutes, there were barely any adventurers left alive. Kahn who was numb to killing already felt sad for these people.. They all performed very well till now. But things always don't go as you plan.

"Ahhh!!" a loud curl boomed in the surroundings as the adventurer team commander was torn into two by the Silver Kobold with its bare hands. There was an evil laugh on its face as they had almost finished up killing all these people.

"Get away from me!" a shout was heard amongst the dead bodies.. A young woman who seemed to be an archer by her gear and equipment was waving a dagger at the nearby kobolds and trying to create a distance. There was a big gash in her right thigh as a downpour of blood was leaking from it.

She was barely able to walk.. Tears running through her eyes as she was scared to death and somehow managing to muster her strength to fight back.

Unlike the others, she didn't have the red emblem on her chest.. She was a hired help for this quest.

The redhead girl had lost a lot of blood and barely had any strength to fight against these monsters who were taunting and playing around with her.

Kahn who was watching this from a long distance using his Hunter Intent found this woman familiar.

He had the Eidetic Memory from his previous life so he never forgot faces & things he saw once.

"Ah fuck!" said Kahn and quickly dashed towards the battlefield, precisely towards the place the girl was fighting with whatever strength she had left in her body.

Kahn quickly shot few arrows towards the kobolds surrounding the girl and brought their attention towards him. Just then, a kobold jumped towards the girl and attacked with a spear to the girl's chest. ????n????????e????????. ????o????


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A hand fell on the ground holding a spear.. It was none other than the kobold's hand which just attacked the girl. The redhead girl was barely holding up and had fallen on the ground was stunned as she saw a hooded figure holding a dagger in his hand.

"You good?" asked Kahn as he glanced at the girl who was of the same age as him.

"You.. What are you doing here?" the girl spoke.. Her voice was seemingly very sharp yet pleasing to the ears.

"I was passing by and noticed the noises. Just to see you close to death's door." said Kahn and let out a small chuckle.

The nearby kobolds started attacking Kahn in groups and from different directions. Kahn swung his daggers and started defending against the attacks while piercing the vital organs of these enemies.

His Weapon Mastery with daggers was already above 60% and this was just a walk in the park for him.

"Run away!! Leave me here or you'll die!" shouted the girl as she remembered what the guy in front did for her not just 10 days ago.

"You better get some sleep. I'll handle this." said Kahn and activated War Dominance.


A tangible pressure was exerted in the 30-meter radius surrounding Kahn's location and all the nearby Kobolds who were attacking Kahn froze on the spot.

The redhead girl was already on the verge of fainting lost her consciousness under the pressure and fainted before she could say anything.

Kahn walked to her and quickly took out the medium-grade recovery potion from his space ring and put it in the girl's mouth.

"Blackwall! Ronin! Armin!" shouted Kahn and three black figures came out of his shadows. The Guardian Knight, the Rogue & the Priest. 3 of the Six Generals he created.

"Protect her and keep healing her." said Kahn as he handed over another bottle of recovery potion to Armin, the Priest.

The silver kobold who had started paying attention towards them after finishing off the team commander was surprised to see that there were still people left. But when Kahn released his War Dominance aura, he felt an immense threat from the hooded archer.

Kahn started walking towards this group of nearly 50 kobolds and the giant Silver Kobold.

"Omega!" Kahn shouted and the newly evolved Lycan jumped from his shadow and stood in the center of the battlefield. His figure towering even the silver kobold.

"I leave him to you." said Kahn and Omega let out a deafening roar again! Instantly stunning all the nearby enemies.

But to Kahn's surprise.. Not only the kobolds nearby but also all the enemies standing far away started falling on the ground one by one. Unable to stand up and looking at Omega with horrified eyes..

Omega was using his Lycan Tyrant passive skill which let him control and exert his dominance over all Lykos related species.

Even the silver kobold was struggling to stand properly on its feet.

"You! Who are you?!" asked the Silver Kobold to Omega who was walking towards it.

"You.. Do.. Not.. Need.. To... Know." said Omega in response and ran towards the Silver Kobold.

A red aura gathering on his human arm-sized claws. And letting out a wave of claw-shaped blades of destructive attack as he swung his hand at the Silver Kobold.

The Silver Kobold replied with a swing of his high-grade spear and attacked as well.


A loud noise of metal clanging was heard and dust flew from the position of the clash.

But unlike what one would expect, this wasn't going to be a long fight.. Because as the dust cloud dispersed.. A bleeding giant figure of the silver kobold lying on the ground was revealed with a broken spear in its hand and nearly shredded armor it was wearing.

Shredder Claws! That was one of Omega's attack skills he acquired after the Evolution.

Before the kobold could get up, Omega stomped on its chest and put it in the ground again.. Rendering it unable to move.

Kahn who was unaffected let out his remaining Six Generals and walked towards the silver kobold.

"Finish them off." he commanded the subordinates.

The silver kobold was already an arrow at the end of its turn. Barely managing to breathe under Omega's giant feet.

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Kahn didn't want to waste any more time, he simply stabbed the silver kobold's throat and killed it off.

"Leave no one alive." ordered Kahn to Omega and the lycan ran off to kill the surrounding kobolds.

Kahn then put on his hands on its lifeless body.

"Absorb!" said Kahn and activated his Ability Absorption divine ability.

In 3 minutes, the system told Kahn that the Absorption was complete. Kahn didn't decide to eat its core. It was more useful to Omega than him as the Lycan could absorb its bloodline and rare abilities by eating the body and the core.

Soon, Omega came back with his claws full of blood. He then started eating the silver kobold by tearing its limbs and chomping on the meat. He started by ripping its heart open first which also had its core.

Kahn then started to absorb the abilities of the dead adventures who partook in the battle and died in the end. He wasn't an idiot to let this opportunity go.

In nearly 10 minutes, the Six Generals had finished off all the remaining kobolds and brought their bodies closer to Kahn.

"System, can the Six Generals also eat the cores and raise their levels? And will they get any abilities if they ate the adventurers that belonged to the classes I used while creating them ?" asked Kahn to the system. He wanted to use this opportunity to raise the strength of his army.

[Yes. The subordinates who are the combination of different classes will also increase their proficiency in the skills by eating the bodies and cores of these specimen who possessed one of the same job/class the subordinates were created with.]

"Good." said Kahn as he ordered all the subordinates to have their hearty meals and eat the adventurers belonging to the same classes they were created with. And told them to equip themselves with the armors and weapons these people were wearing.

As for the remaining kobolds and their cores.. Kahn decided to leave them to his subordinates to eat up and raise their levels.

He wasn't in a mood to do it by himself. Kahn finally walked towards the unconscious redhead girl whose wounds had nearly healed off because of the recovery potion and healing from Armin.

Kahn's subordinates cleared off the battlefield by eating the bodies and robbing the equipment.

Ceril, the Enchanter subordinate brought Kahn the space ring the team commander was wearing. Kahn simply put it in his pocket. He lifted the girl in his arms and decided to leave the dungeon.

After Kahn reached the Flavot city again, he took the girl to a proper clinic. The Healer there was an old elven woman who informed Kahn that the girl was out of danger.

Kahn stayed beside the girl for some time and was relaxing.

Just then.. The redhead girl opened her eyes as he was finally awake after nearly half a day. She saw Kahn was sitting on a chair next to her bed and almost dozing off because of tiredness.

She gathered whatever strength she had and finally spoke to Kahn..

"Thank you for saving my life.. Again."