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I Became A Hit After My Divorce!

I Became A Hit After My Divorce!
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I Became A Hit After My Divorce!

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    Summary Le Yao became a cannon fodder wife for the *sshole CEO, Nangong Jue. As she cherished her life, she quickly signed the divorce agreement and walked away. After she got far away from him, she let herself fly free. Strongly determined succeed, she returned school and became the most beautiful scholar on campus. turn her life around, she startedoking delicious food. When she started live-stream heroking sessions, she became a popularoking goddess. Plus, she even taught line dancing older ladies, bming the sassiest dance goddess as she twisted her hips.Le Yao was speechless. She unintentionally let herself fly free a littleo quickly, huh?Nangong Jue: “It’s fine. No matter how far or fast you fly, you’ll never fly out of my palm.”A bunch of big shots who want hug, kiss, and pamper the heck out of Le Yao: “…”Le Yao: “…” You’re reading “I Became A Hit After My Divorce!” on See all Hide

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