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I Gave Up Being Stronger

I Gave Up Being Stronger
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I Gave Up Being Stronger

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    Summary In a past life, Cha Jin-Hyeok reigned as the Sword King of Korea. He lived for the adrenaline ofnquering perilous Dungeons and vanquishing deadly monsters. Yet, when the curse of the Empress of Hell flung him back in time, he vowed turn over a new leaf. No longernsumed by an insatiable hunger for power, he dreamt of a simple life—owning a building in Yeonhui-dong and cherishing time with his family. make that dream a reality, he chose the life of a Streamer, a role far safer than his previous incarnation as ap-ranked Swordsman. Streaming his adventures, Jin-Hyeok guided his party through monster-infested labyrinths and formidable Dungeons. Along the way, he euntered friends and adversaries from his previous life. Though he aimed keep a low profile, the old habits of a one-time Sword King proved difficult shake off. This isn’t your typical regression tale. Instead, it chronicles the struggle of a man who was once Korea’s mightiest Player as he attempts, and occasionally fails, embrace mediocrity. Seamlessly interweaving modern social media culture, it captures the intimate dynamic between Streamers and their audiences. The ry is very fast-paced and filled with action-packed battle scenes. If you love ominous Dungeons, selfntemplation, and internet memes, this is just for you!You’re reading “I Gave Up Being Stronger” on See all Hide