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I Screwed the Novel's Plot

I Screwed the Novel's Plot
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I Screwed the Novel's Plot

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    Summary WARN:SLIGHT ROMANCE!! NO HAREM!! FAMILY GENRE!!Filled with political intrigue, warfare, adventure, friendship, and betrayal.---Synopsis:I transmigrated i a that I read years ago as the snd Prince of the Chrono Empire and was fated be killed by my half-brother, the First Prince at the age of 12.So, What's my role in this ?Am I the villain?Am I an insignificant extra?Am I the protagonist? Nah, definitely not.But, why bother?Following the 's plot isn't my style and I won't let it dictates my life.Regardless of my role, I am the main character of my own life. You’re reading “I Screwed the 's Plot” on See all Hide