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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 21
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Chapter 21

The next day, David only woke up around noon.

After washing up, David went to the Golden Leaf Hotel.

“Hello, Mr. Lidell!”

“Hello, Mr. Lidell!”

As he walked into the hotel, he heard greetings from all around him.

After lunch, David walked into the chairman’s office to rest.

After a while, someone knocked on the door.

Knock knock!

“Come in.”

Pearl came in after pushing the door open.

“Mr. Lidell, the handover of the hotel has started. When are you free?”

“Miss Pearl, I told you I won’t bother about the handover. You can just make the decision. Just inform me

when I have to make a payment.”

“Alright! I won’t disturb your rest then. Right, I’ll move in tonight. I’ll keep the door unlocked for you.”

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Before David could react, Pearl left his office.

Damn, she got me again.’

David sat on the chair and played with his phone.

He opened Instagram and saw a direct message from Patrick.

Patrick: [Dave, when are you coming back to campus?]

David: (Tomorrow I think.)

David replied.

Patrick: (Dave, I have to tell you something, but you have to keep calm.]

David: (Spit it out.]

Patrick: (That bastard Leo posted the photo of you vomiting blood and falling unconscious to the

university’s website and even posted some of your past achievements. You’re… famous now!

David: [F*ck, send it to me now!)

After a while, David received a photo from Patrick.

Indeed, it was a photo of him unconscious in the woods.

‘This bastard, I just collected some interests from you last night, just wait and see how I’ll destroy you,

David cursed in his heart.

After this, David played with his phone again.

He soon sent a message to Amelia.

David: [I’ll see you in Golden Leaf Hotel at 6 p.m. Just tell them your name when you get there.)

Amelia: (Alright, Mr. Match. I can’t wait to meet you!)

Amelia replied.

Amelia was in class, but she had been paying attention to her phone the whole day as she was worried

that she would miss a call or message from David the big shot.

Compared to tactless and impulsive wealthy playboys like Leo and Jacob, Amelie much preferred

interacting with a big shot like David.

She was very excited to meet this big shot who could give her more than ten million in one go.

Hence, when she saw David’s message, she immediately replied.

She was a little worried. What if she met an enormous pervert? However, she kind of hoped that David

was a truly capable guy with both money and looks.

Amelia knew about Golden Leaf Hotel since it was near the campus and was the only eight-star hotel in

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the South River Province. It was very popular in South River University, and she heard one would spend

tens of thousands to just have a meal there.

She had never eaten there, but of course, if she was willing, there would be a lot of rich guys willing to

treat her to a meal.

The afternoon flew by in a blink of an eye.

Around 5:30 p.m., Amelia wore a pair of skinny jeans and a fitted blouse to go to Golden Leaf Hotel.

It had to be said that Amelie did have the capital to be arrogant. No wonder so many rich second

generation would revolve around her and allow her to play them like fools. Since she started dancing

when she was young, she had curves in all the right places, giving her a stunning face and a smoking

hot body.

The moment she entered the Golden Leaf Hotel, an attendant approached her.

“Miss, are you here to stay the night or for a meal?”

“Hello, my name is Amelia Hahn, I was invited by someone.” Amelia replied politely

“Hello, Miss Hahn. Please come with me.”

The attendant led Amelia to Private Room 1. The attendant got the news this afternoon that Mr. Lidell

would treat someone named Amelia Hahn to dinner, so they should take her immediately to Private

Room 1 once she arrived,