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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 26
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Chapter 26 “Tell me. Amelia, what can I help you with?” David asked.

“Can’t I come to you if I don’t need any help, David?” Amelia asked.

“You can send me a text or call me! Why did you come to my class to look for me?”

“David, I’m helping you! Don’t take what I’ve done for granted.”

“Oh? Help me? How are you helping me?” David asked.

Amelia thought for a while and replied, “David, just think about it! Because of what happened a few days

ago, everyone will say, ‘Look, that’s David Lidell. His girlfriend’s been stolen from him a few days ago

and he even passed out after vomiting blood,’ whenever you show up.

“But after I came to find you, their discussions will change from that to discussing whether you and I are


“Which one of those do you think is better?”

After David thought about it, he felt that Amelia was right.

“Thank you so much, Amelia!”

“No need to thank me. I haven’t thanked you for giving me so many gifts, preventing me from dating Leo,

and also for the free meals.”

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“However, Amelia, aren’t you scared that your reputation will be ruined?”

“It’s fine! I owe this to you,” Amelia said nonchalantly.

David and Amelia continued to stroll around the field as they talked about everything and nothing.

However, the act of Amelia coming to class to find David and then following him obediently spread like


The campus was only so big, and this involved one of the three Goddesses. So, the speed of the spread

was abnormally fast:

Of course, some of this was thanks to the other Musketeers: Communication was so convenient right

now and the moment they posted this on Instagram, everyone would know,

The version that got around the fastest and also the most well-known was that three days ago, Leo stole

David’s girlfriend Sarah and caused David to pass out after vomiting blood.

Three days later, David won over Amelia, the Goddess that Leo had been pursuing for months.

Leo’s face was being slapped left and right.

A lot of people initially did not believe this.

Amelia was pursued by so many of the rich and handsome guys and she never ended up with anyone,

so how did this pauper David win her over?

However, when they saw David and Amelia walking around on the campus’ field, they had no choice but

t o accept this truth.

David wanted to stroll around the field with Amelia and then part ways with her.

However, he suddenly remembered that this was lunch break, so naturally, he invited Amelia to have

lunch with him.

Of course, Amelia would not reject. With that, the two of them walked out of campus together.

A lot of people saw this scene, including Leo and Sarah.

When Leo saw David and Amelia walking out of the campus together, he almost barged over to them in

a blind fit of rage, but eventually, he managed to stop himself.

He knew he would be even more humiliated if he went over.

When he recalled how he spent six or seven million but still did not win over Amelia and instead she was

won over by a pauper like David, anyone could imagine how Leo was feeling right now. He was feeling

even worse than how David felt three days ago when he was dumped.

Leo waved his hand and went straight back to his dormitory. He lost his appetite, and Sarah stood on her

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ground alone, looking a little desolate.

When Sarah saw David and Amelia leaving the campus while chatting and laughing, she was


Initially, she was the one who was always at David’s side, but she pushed him into the arms of another.

More often than not, one would only appreciate some things when they lost them. 1

She was always careful whenever she was with Leo as she was scared to enrage him. However, while

when she was with David, David was the one who was careful with her.

She immediately downgraded from a princess to a maid. This also allowed her to recognize the

sacrifices David made for her in those four years of their relationship.

‘Soph was right, I can never find another who loves me as much as David in this lifetime anymore.


‘However, I can’t turn back time.

‘I was the one who destroyed my happiness.’ 1

With that, Sarah turned around and left with tears in her eyes.