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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 27
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Chapter 27

After the two finished eating, they rested at Golden Leaf Hotel.

Of course, David was resting in the chairman’s office while Amelia got a presidential suite. However,

since the chairman was around, she did not have to spend a single cent.

The two of them went back to campus together during afternoon class. They went out for about two to

three hours for lunch, which made everyone’s imaginations run wild.

The afternoon passed in a blink of an eye.

David wandered around the campus.

Indeed, just as Amelia analyzed, everyone went from looking at him with disdain to looking at him with


David walked back to Golden Leaf Hotel.

When he entered the door, four tall attendants bowed and greeted him as usual, “Hello, Mr. Lidell!”

When he walked into the lobby, the newly-appointed lobby manager ran over and bowed as well. “Mr.

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Lidell, hello!”

“Don’t be so polite with me next time. We’re family. You can go on with your business. I can go up

myself,” David said to the new lobby manager.

“Very well, Mr. Lidell.”

David then walked into the elevator and disappeared from the lobby.

However, he did not notice a beautiful woman watching him from the lounge that was prepared for the

guests in the lobby.

Tara Smith had been sitting in the lounge that was specially prepared for the guests of Golden Leaf Hotel

for about an hour.

She was a third-year student in the Acting Department of South River Multimedia University.

Usually, the students in Acting Departments would start to use their resources to try their best to get snag

some roles for themselves in movies when they were in their third year.

This was so that they could establish a foundation for their acting careers after their graduation.

Her classmates were starting to act in some movies. Two of them even got roles of the supporting female

leads and were pretty popular now.

However, Tara had never gotten a role in the three years of her studies, and this was not because she

was not beautiful.

It was the opposite. She was also one of the most gorgeous students in the Acting Department at

Multimedia University in terms of her looks and body.

The reason she never got a role was that she had her limits. She would not go and please those

directors and investors just to get a role.

Of course, the most important thing was that she had money. Her parents were businesspeople and

even i f their business was not that big, they also had assets worth tens of millions.

Hence, she never lacked money growing up, and naturally, she would not betray her dignity for a role.

This was unlike the students with not so well-off backgrounds, as not only would they betray their dignity


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for just a chance, sometimes they would even sell out their bodies.

In truth, a director had his eyes on her when she was in her third year. He was about to give her the

supporting role in his movie, but she had to have dinner with the investors.

She was inexperienced, so she did not think much and figured it was just dinner.

The director and investors kept asking her to drink but she rejected all of them. Unexpectedly, as she

was eating, the investor started to touch her thigh.

In the end, she poured a glass of water on the investor’s face, while the director was so furious his face

turned dark. He even said he would shut her out.

From that day on, not a lot of directors would ask her to join their movies.

It was not until today that she received a call from a famous director and he said he could give her the

supporting role of a movie with an investment of 100 million. However, he would need to meet her in

person to talk about it.

She contemplated for a while before deciding to meet him.

However, when she got to Golden Leaf Hotel, she did not receive a call from him, so she could only sit in

the lounge and wait.

Then, David’s arrival attracted her attention.