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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2884
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Chapter 2884

However, they killed so many Sky Demons this time without any losses, which was unimaginable before.

"Blaze, do you like this gift?" David smiled.

"Haha! Of course! I love it! David, you gave me a big surprise. We were already in despair. We only hope that we

can one day break the seal and send some young people out so we can still have some hope, but at this critical

moment, you showed up. It seems that God doesn't want us to die just yet." Blaze laughed.

David was also a little confused at this time.

Some things were too coincidental.

Did the system show up at this time so he could give the Metaverse some hope?

What if he had died on the way?

Or what if he was careful and did not grow so quickly?

Wouldn't the Sky Demons have already invaded the Metaverse by now?

Who created the system?

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Now, it seemed that it was not a product of the Metaverse.

If someone in the Metaverse could create such a heavendefying thing, why would they be sealed by the Sky

Demons and trapped for such a long time? They could just get out of this situation by themselves.

Since he could not figure it out, David stopped thinking about it.

What he should do right now was to resolve the Sky Demons issue first and bring peace to the Metaverse!

At this moment, two energy vortices gathered and slowly formed two giant figures where the explosion happened.

They were the two Super Sky Demons.

Although the self-detonation of David's clone was powerful, it did not have the mysterious power to restrain evil like

the Evil-Splitting Sword, so it could not prevent the Super Sky Demons from recovering.

Of course, the ordinary Sky Demons did not have the resilience of the Super Sky Demons, so they were killed in the

big explosion.

Only the Super Sky Demons were able to escape, but even if they could recover, they were at the end of their

strength. Therefore, they would be easily defeated by Blaze and Eros.

The bodies of the two Super Sky Demons had just recovered, and before they had time to escape, a red light

flashed and beheaded them. Then, several red sword lights appeared and chopped their bodies into pieces.

Getting injured by the Evil-Splitting Sword was no less damaging than the damage received from the explosion just


After all, the Evil-Splitting Sword was the Sky Demons’ nemesis and could inhibit their recovery, and this was

something that David's clone could not do by selfdetonating.

Both had their own advantages. When used together, they produced incredible results.

Like now.

The Super Sky Demons were able to dodge the Evil-Splitting Sword's attack when they were prepared, but they

were just injured by the big explosion. After recovering from it, they had already used up 80% of their energy.

Finally, they were killed by a single blow.

The corpses of the two Super Sky Demons plummeted, and another clone of David appeared where they had just

been while holding the Evil-Splitting Sword.

The two Super Sky Demons and more than a hundred small and medium-sized Sky Demons were annihilated by

David alone.

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The price was just the self-detonation of his clone, which was negligible.

However, this was also an unexpected result.

After David's clone lost the Evil-Splitting Sword, all the Sky Demons surrounded him and were itching to tear him

apart, which then gave David the best chance to self-detonate.

Otherwise, the effect would definitely not be as ideal.

The Almighties of the Metaverse were all confused as they looked at David next to them and then at the David

holding the red sword in the distance.

Didn’t he just blow himself up?

Why was there another one of him?

Was this a secret technique?

Wouldn’t he be invincible if he had such a heaven-defying secret technique?

"David, what's going on?" Blaze asked, pointing to the clone in the distance.

The others also cast curious glances at him.

"Blaze, that's my clone. Well talk about the specific situation later. Now, we should go out and break the seal before

the Sky Demons come to their senses. It will be tough when they finally realize and come prepared," David said