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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 36
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Chapter 36

The phone call connected,

“Mom, I’m back and I’m outside grandma’s house. Open the door!” Tara said anxiously.

“Tara, you’re back? Didn’t I tell you not to come back?”

Tara heard her mother’s voice from the phone, and she let out a sigh of relief in her heart. Even though

she sounded exhausted, at least she was still alive,

Soon, the door was finally opened.

When Tara saw her mother, she could not control herself. She held her mother and started crying.

After they cried for a while, they went into the house.

When they saw that there was no one else in the house, Tara asked, “Mom, what happened? Where’s

dad? Where’s grandpa and grandma? Where’s my sister?”

“Your uncle came and took your grandparents and sister away. Your father locked himself in the room

and refused to come out. Tara, go talk to your father. He hasn’t eaten in two days. If this goes on, his

body won’t be able to take it.”

After Tara entered the room and saw the man sitting there smoking, she could not relate this man, whose

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hair had almost turned all white, to her father.

Back then, he was so high-spirited. He came from a rural area, and had made something for himself in

the city. He was the one with the most prospect in the family, and everyone would give him a thumbs-up

whenever they saw him.

However, this man in front of her looked dead inside. This man in his forties now looked like he was in

his sixties.

“Dad!” Tara called out, tears streaming down her face.

Her father did not answer her. He was still minding his own business and smoking his cigarette. After he

finished one, he continued with another.

“Mom, what happened? How did dad become like this?” Tara turned her head to look at her mother.

“Sigh, your father was scammed. His partner stole all of the company’s money and left the country. Your

father is the legal owner of the company, so his name is on all of the loans and receipts. Aside from the

bank, there are still debts from the loan sharks. Your father could not endure this, so his hair turned white

i none night. He’s been sitting here for two days.”

“Why? Why did this happen? We were fine before, how did this happen?” Tara collapsed on the group,

tears flowing down her face uncontrollably.

A few months ago, before she left, her family was still peaceful and harmonious. Her father was still the

man of indomitable spirit as before.

Her mother was still that middle-aged woman who loved to nag her and her sister. It was such a

fortunate family, so why was it ruined like this so suddenly?

Laura Carlton knelt and hugged her daughter. She felt tears stinging the corners of her eyes, but they

and not fall. It was because she had been crying too much for the past few days.

She did not blame her husband because she knew her husband had borne a lot. She could only blame

those scammers for being too good at lying and scheming.

“Tara, we can’t get over this obstacle. If we’re not around anymore, you have to take good care of your

sister. You’re an adult now so you should be responsible for taking care of your sister, okay?” Laura said

a s she held Tara.

When Tara heard what her mother said, her heart trembled and she said quickly, “Mom, don’t do


stupid, okay? Please!”

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Laura continued to speak like she had not heard her daughter’s pleading.

“But you don’t have to worry. Your father and I saved some money for you two at your uncle’s place.

Even though it’s not much, it’s enough for you to live your life without worries.”

“Mom, don’t do anything stupid! There must be a way! There must be!”

Laura continued, “However, you should move, move to somewhere they can’t find you. Since a lot of

these debtors are loan sharks, I’m worried that they’ll threaten the safety of you and your sister.”

“Mom, will this be solved if we give them the money?”

Tara suddenly remembered that David was the young master of the Golden Leaf Hotel, so he had to be

loaded. As long as he was willing to lend her money, she would be able to solve her family’s crisis.


Then, she would slowly pay him back. If she could not, she would be his mistress or even second wife.

At this moment, even if David was not a handsome young man, even if he was as short and fat and ugly

a s Hector, she would not hesitate to be with him so long as he could help her solve her family crisis.

Because in her heart, nothing was more important than her family.

“You dumb girl, we can solve this problem by paying, but we can’t afford to. We’ve come up with a lot of

methods. We sold everything we could and borrowed from everyone, but at the end of the day, it’s still

not enough.”