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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

The moment they stepped through the door, David was stunned. There was no doubt, this was the best unit as the decorations and design were all extremely luxurious.

David walked to the french window that was 3 meters high and more than 10 meters wide. As he looked out at the scenery in front of him, he felt like he was on top of the world.

“Mr. Lidell, this is the best unit in Block 1. The glass on the french window in front of you is bullet-proof glass imported from overseas. It’s 10 centimeters thick and it won’t break even if someone shoots a guided missile at it. Plus, the opacity is very low, so it won’t affect the sunlight at all. This window alone is over ten million dollars. Also, the spectacular chandelier above you is imported from France. There are more than ten colors which you can change from.

“This is the kitchen.

“This is the study.

“This is the wine cellar.

“This is the toilet.

“This is the drawing room.

“This is the entertainment room.”

Then, the two went to the 28th floor.

“There’s an indoor swimming pool here. They will change the water according to the schedule every morning. Plus, the water they replace it with is germ-free water that’s been filtered. You can even directly drink it.”

After Jenny said that, she even scooped out some water to drink. The reason she did that was to make David believe that this water was very clean.

An hour had passed by the time the two of them were done.

After they walked out of the unit, Jenny said to David, “Mr. Lidell, you should go back to the showroom and rest for a while. I’ll be back after I mop the floor.”

Then, Jenny picked up a cloth to mop the floor.

“No need. I’m taking the unit.”

When Jenny heard what David said, her hand shook.

“M-Mr. Lidell, what did you say?”

“I said there’s no need, I’m taking the unit.”


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“Of course!” David answered affirmatively.

“Thank you! Mr. Lidell, shall we get on with the procedures?” Jenny asked excitedly.


The two of them went back to the showroom again.

Jenny felt as if she was in a dream as they were walking.

David wanted to buy this unit.

Just now, she did a little calculation. This unit’s total price was 398 million dollars and she could get a commission of 3.98 million. She had never seen so much money in her whole life. This amount was enough for her to buy ten houses in her county.

In truth, only a person who came from a rural place who had just joined the sales team like Jenny would believe David. If it were someone else, they would never believe that David could afford this unit. He looked like a beggar, yet he claimed to have 400 million for a house? They would never believe it, so of course, they would not take David to view the unit.

When they were back in the showroom, Jenny was busy preparing the contract. Then, she called the manager and the manager brought the person in charge of finance over.

By the time everything was done, it was already evening. However, none of the staff in the showroom left. They could not believe that Jenny had sold the best unit in Block 1.

They had to accept the truth after David paid. At the same time, their hearts were bleeding. It was 4 million. 4 million! David had been standing in the lobby for a few minutes and no one went to serve him. If any of them had approached him at that moment, the money would belong to one of them.

The woman named Ms. James wanted to slap herself right now. 4 million. Last year, she sold a unit worth 800 thousand, and to do that, she had to spend a whole month with a nouveau riche with a beer belly before he agreed to sign.

She had to suffer for a whole month only to make 800 thousand. Just now, Jenny only used half a day to make 4 million. She wanted to vomit blood right now.

After David walked out of South River International Residence, she called Pearl. Then, he spent more than ten thousand to buy a new phone after he ate dinner at the hotel. At the same time, he threw his second-hand phone into the trash.

After that, he went back to the top floor of Block 1 in South River International Residence. This place was already David’s house, and figured that he would stay here for a very long time.

He called his tutor at the university to ask for a few days of sick leave. The news about David vomiting blood and going into shock had spread throughout the campus, so his tutor would naturally know about it. Hence, his tutor did not cause any trouble for him.

David did not want to go to class these two days anyway. There would surely be a lot of people making fun of him if he did.

‘I’ll buy a luxury car tomorrow and drive it back to campus. I want to see who dares to laugh at me then.

‘Sarah, you gave up our three-year relationship for a bag that cost ten thousand dollars. I want to see if you regret it when I drive a car worth tens of millions back to campus. F*ck you.’

As he lay down on the imported leather sofa, he felt that the life of a rich person was so comfortable.

David looked at the interface in front of him.

[Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 9999999501986412 dollars

[Body: 15 (Weak) +

[Mind: 28 (Normal) +

[Skills: Can be added freely, needs to use up lavish points +

[Lavish points: 4]

There were plus signs behind his body, mind, and skills. Plus, he already had 4 lavish points.

David did not hesitate to add all 4 lavish points to his body.

Then, the 15 on his body immediately turned into 19.

At that moment, David felt his body warming up. His body was weak and had a lack of energy because he was malnourished for the past years, but now, he could feel that he was changing for the better.

He felt he was more energetic now. When he looked at his body, he looked stronger as well.

“So this is what happens?

“If I add a dozen lavish points on my body, won’t I become more powerful than Olympic champions?”

In that second, David felt that his life was so brilliant.

He took out his phone and looked at Instagram. There were two follow requests.

One was from Pearl and the other one was from Jenny.

David accepted both of them.

Soon after, Pearl sent him a message.

Pearl: [David, darling, are you asleep?]

David: [Not yet. Is there anything I can help you with?]

Pearl: [Can’t I send you a message if I don’t need anything?]

David: [Of course, you can! I’m more than happy to receive a message from you, Miss Pearl!]

Pearl: [You’re so sweet, honey. I have a day off on Sunday, are you free then? I want to ask you out for a swim.]

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After David read the message, the image of Pearl wearing a bikini appeared in his head. Then, his body started to heat up.

‘Damn, she’s blatantly seducing me.’

How would he resist such seduction from a beautiful and fair woman with long legs?

In the end, David realized that he could not.

So, he replied.

David: [I am free. How would I not be free for Miss Pearl’s invitation?]

Pearl: [Alright. See you on Sunday!]

David: [Okay, Miss Pearl!]

Pearl: [Goodnight, darling.]

David: [Goodnight, Miss Pearl.]

David was hoping that Sunday would come fast.

After scrolling Instagram for a little longer, David felt bored. His social circle was small, so he only had some friends he was okay with on his Instagram. These were his classmates from junior high, senior high, and university. Their group chat was pretty lively too, but David rarely talked there. In addition to this, there were some of his relatives.

Sometimes, his roommates would message him to check up on him.

David’s parents died in an accident before he was even ten years old. Therefore, he stayed with his second uncle before he started senior high.

Back then, his three uncles fought relentlessly for custody over him. At that moment, his second uncle and aunt were extremely good to him, so David thought he would have a good life with his second uncle even though his parents were not around. Eventually, he chose his second uncle.

In the end, when his second uncle got custody of him, David’s life became a living hell. He was always beaten and scolded, plus, he was forced to also eat other’s leftovers. That was why he was very malnourished.

When he finally understood what was happening, he realized that they were not fighting for custody over him. Instead, they were fighting for the compensation worth about 2 million dollars from his parents.

When David started high school at 16, his second uncle never gave him a penny. If his aunts did not help him out, David would have dropped out of school.

Initially, the 2 million compensation was to be given to David when he turned 18, but, he had not seen a single cent until this day.

Because of this, his aunts and uncles fought a lot with his second uncle and second aunt. However, what could they do? The money was with them, and his second aunt even claimed that she spent the money on David throughout the years.

David did the math in his heart. He figured they did not even spend over 5 thousand dollars on him during all these years he had stayed with them. Basically, it was spent on some essential tuition fees when he was going to junior high and perhaps one or two clothes from the thrift store every year.