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I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 9
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Chapter 9

“Do you want to move in with me then? I can’t stay in such a big house by myself. This way, you can even save on rent.”

David did not know why he said that. Rationally, he had only known Pearl for two days and it was so sudden for him to invite her to stay with him. However, since he said it, he still felt a little longing in his heart.

Actually, David did not know how petty and low he was when he was with Sarah. He would always listen to Sarah, and he rarely had the right to speak.

However, it was different with Pearl. Pearl would let him make the decision when they were talking or going on about something, and she would also ask him for his advice about anything.

Of course, all men would have some machismo. Who would not want a woman who would treat them like a leader? Therefore, David was fond of Pearl’s way of talking and behaving, and subconsciously liked being around Pearl.

“Is this… appropriate?” Pearl asked, a little hesitant.

Even though she was saying that, she was very excited. If she moved here, she would be depending on a powerful person like David.

As for whether David would do something inappropriate to her, she did not care. She was even deliberately seducing David.

Pearl was an ambitious person. She was always the most beautiful girl in her high school and her university. There were a lot of people pursuing her, and among them were some of the most handsome boys in school or even some rich kids with money and power. However, she rejected all of them.

This meant that Pearl had never dated anyone until now. She knew what she wanted. She could fall in love if she merely wanted to find a normal man to spend the rest of her life with. She could even have dozens of them if she wanted to.

However, she did not want that. She wanted to realize her self-worth. She wanted to change her fate and wanted to change her family’s fate. When it came to those people capable of helping her realize her worth, there was a difference between someone who was used and someone untouched.

So, she never dated anyone because she was waiting for this day. David was the target whom she would use to fulfill her life’s purpose. As long as she could rely on David, she did not even need to climb up to the top. She just needed to attach herself to one of his limbs and it would be enough. She never wanted to marry a super-rich kid like David because his family would find someone suitable for him.

She knew her position. Since she wanted to venture down this path, then she would not think about marriage for the rest of her life.

So, when David asked her to stay with him, she felt that this happiness came too suddenly, and she did not even know how to react.

“What’s so inappropriate about this? I can’t stay in such a huge house anyway. It’s good to have someone to talk to sometimes. Of course, if you have a boyfriend then just pretend I never said such a thing so that there won’t be any unnecessary misunderstanding,” said David.

“No! I don’t have a boyfriend. Actually, don’t laugh at me, David, I’ve never dated anyone in my life. I just wonder if I’ll disturb you like this,” Pearl said quickly in case David misunderstood her.

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‘She never dated before? No way!’ David thought in his heart. However, he said, “Not at all. I like having people around. The house looks empty now that I’m staying here by myself. If you don’t come, then I’ll find two more people from my campus to make this place livelier.”

“Since you’re saying that, then I’ll thank you for the offer. Should I move in tomorrow?”

“Alright, it’s settled then. Do you need my help?”

“No need. I can manage. Plus, I don’t have a lot of things.”

“Alright! You can look around and see which room you want to stay in. You can choose any room on this floor,” David said.

“Miss Pearl, didn’t you ask me to go swimming with you? Now, we can do it anytime we want. There’s a pool upstairs.”

“Alright, should we go now?” Pearl enticed.

“Cough cough… I don’t think so. Let’s do it another day.”

David felt that he was not as good as Pearl when it came to talking. Plus, Pearl was almost lying down and looked so seductive. This woman was born to be flirtatious.

Pearl stood up and walked in front of David. Then, she bent down and blew against his ear. She said, “Well, David, darling, you can ask me out at any time. I’ve already bought my swimsuit and no one got to witness it yet.”

David’s body became hot after Pearl flirted with him. He wanted to push this little minx down and punish her right there and then, but he still controlled himself. Then, he stood up and said, “Miss Pearl, look around. Um… I’ll go upstairs to get something. We’ll head back to the hotel later.”

David’s face turned red as he found an excuse to go upstairs. He could not handle this. Right now, he felt that it was a bad idea to invite Pearl over. Who could endure such seduction every day? Wasn’t this torture to his poor little soul?

Pearl stood her ground and was giggling uncontrollably. She felt that David was too cute.

However, she was also quite sure that David might be a virgin. Having said that, a super-rich kid like David being a virgin? Who would dare to believe that?

‘Does he have something wrong in that department? No way! If that’s the case, how will I show him my advantage? How will I attach myself to this powerful person?

‘No, this can’t be.’ Pearl could only comfort herself silently in her heart.

If David knew what Pearl was thinking right now, he might have already punished her. How dare she doubt his abilities! This was so humiliating.

On the top floor.

David threw himself on the luxurious bed.

He came here to hide from Pearl. That woman was such a seductress that David could not endure it anymore. However, he was not disgusted by it.

He took out his phone and opened Instagram.

He noticed the photo of River Leeds he posted last night had garnered more than 100 comments.

David read a few of them and they were basically making fun of him.

He only replied to the comments of a few of his close friends. However, he did not tell them he bought a house here. No one would believe him anyway.

When he went to his direct messages, he saw a few people had sent messages to him.

Jenny had sent him good morning.

There was another one from his cousin. It was his youngest aunt’s eldest daughter. Her name was Lily Greg and she was only two years younger than him. She was currently in the first year of university in another city.

They were pretty close. Throughout the three years in high school, he stayed with his youngest aunt for the first two years. Only when he was in senior year did he move in with his eldest aunt.

Since senior year was very stressful and his youngest aunt had a very mischievous son who would affect his studies, he decided to move in with his eldest aunt. His eldest aunt had a daughter who was two years older than

David. Right now, she had already graduated and was working.

Lily: [David, where did you take this picture? It’s stunning!]

David replied to her message.

David: [I took this in River City. If you like it, you can come to have fun here when you’re on break. I’ll take you around.]

Lily replied quickly.

Lily: [Really? Don’t lie to me!]

David: [Of course. When did I ever lie to you?]

Lily: [Alright, that’s settled. I’ll go to find you the moment I’m on break.]

David: [Ok.]

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Lily: [David, I’m streaming on Whale Streaming tonight. Please come and support me if you have time.]

David: [You little lass, you even know how to stream?]

Lily: [ David, you’re so outdated! All four of us in my dorm are streaming. Not only is it fun, but I can also make some money.]

David: [I’ll go and take a look tonight then. I’ll boost your popularity for you.]

Lily: [Right, David. Are you still working part-time? I made about 3000 dollars from streaming last month and then mom gave me 1500 dollars. I’ll transfer 2000 for you later so you can take Sarah for something nice.]

David was a little touched when he saw that. Even though they rarely saw each other after he moved out of his youngest aunt’s place when he was a sophomore, they were still close.

David: [No need. You should buy some nice clothes for yourself. When you come to River City, I’ll give you a surprise.]

Lily: [What surprise?]

David: [It’s a secret.]

Lily: {Aww, you meanie! David, I have to go now. Class is starting. Bye!]

David: [Bye!]

After a while, David saw Lily transferring 2000 dollars to him.

David hesitated before accepting it.

‘I’ll give you back a thousand times, no, ten thousand times that tonight.’

David felt that it was almost time, so he went downstairs to toss Pearl a set of keys.

Since he offered, he would need to do it. If he could not stand it anymore, he would move out and buy a new house. He had all the money in the world to do it anyway.

To him, when a man and a woman had not yet established their relationship, they could not fool around. He had to be a responsible man.

After this, the two of them went back to Golden Leaf Hotel.