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Invincible Mumu

Chapter 177: Extra
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Far in the future—

A world where everywhere that could be seen was covered in five-colored lights.

Some called this place as the place Beyond the Boundary, while others called it the apex of the world.

Beyond the Boundary, the laws of time and space were said to be different from those of the world people live in. Therefore, everything can be a moment or a lifetime.


Mumu clenched his fist and looked at someone.

They were a tall, handsome man with a pale face. The moment he saw Mumu, he felt thrilled for the first time in a long while.

In his entire life, he had never seen a monster like this on the other side, let alone in the world.

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A black light flowing from the handsome man shone in the eyes of Mumu. It was strength beyond imagination.

“This is what men are.”

A woman with gleaming blonde hair and golden eyes was next to this handsome man, and she smiled as she moved away by lifting her body into the air.

—as if giving them room.

“Now that we’ve met, should we try learning something new?”

At Mumu’s words, the white-faced, handsome man silently nodded. He also seemed to feel a strong presence from Mumu.

And he lightly raised his hand.





Ice, flame, and lightning filled the sky of this five-colored space, and in response, the blond-haired beauty said,

“Heavenly Flash…”

A sight she hadn’t seen in a long time

‘Going hard from the start.’

She could understand.

The handsome, muscular man clenched his fist.

The guy looked ridiculously strong enough to remind her of the monstrous monkey child born from the energy of the heavens and land, one of the three yokai.

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When the handsome pale-faced man lowered his hand, the swords with various types of qi on it began to fall towards Mumu.


Meeting an opponent where he could go all out—

No, even with everything he couldn’t guarantee a win. This was what made his heart pound.

At this, Mumu smiled, clenching his right fist with his forearm muscles greatly swollen and putting force into his feet.


Then the ground that Mumu was on collapsed, and Mumu pushed ahead with countless blue rays of light.


The moment when the two forces collided, the space began to distort all around.



It's been a fun run, Mumu is an endearing protagonist and I love what he represents, I'm also surprised that this novel is technically the first series in the Nano Machine universe's time-line. Also with talks of the upcoming novel from the author that will potentially have all of the previous series protagonists, and it potentially focusing on the immortal/spiritual world, I can only say I'm excited for what's to come for this series. I thank all of you for coming along this journey with us and ask you all to please stay with SDO as there are plans to cover the next work the author's released, though I ask for your patience because our tls are fully booked. Until then, have a good one!