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It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!
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It's Hard to Control My Naughty Wife!

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    Summary “I think weuldn’t do ’that’ just yet, since you’re still rvering…” Hailee answered hesitantly, trying find a reasonable excuse for her current situation.“Bulsh * t,” Ramon cursed and got out of their extraordinarily luxurious bed. With impatient steps, the man approached Hailee, like a hunter about catch his prey. “I’ll prove that I’m okay. Better than the best.” Henfirmed his last word with a meaningful smile.“…” Ugh!***Hailee found herself being sold by her adopted sister, Aileen, after the death of their parents in an accident.However, on the very night she was supposed serve the bastard who had won the auction, Hailee managed escape by killing him.Now, Hailee was in fresh pursuit and must flee the city escape the amplices of the man she killed.While she was fleeing from her pursuers, Hailee accidentally met Ramon who was dying from an accident, avoid those who were after her, Hailee pretends be Giana, the lover Ramon had been hiding from the public eye.Things got moremplicated when Ramon woke up and said heuldn’t remember anything.Hailee ofurse can take advantage of this andntinue pretending be Giana, but how long? And what about the real Giana?You’re reading “It's Hardntrol My Naughty Wife!” on See all Hide