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King Of Limbo

4 Chapter 4
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Later after the horned Basilisk attack Harald and Aron had set off from the area where they had lived for much of Aron's time growing up. Aron knew the situation had to be dire for his father to take such measures as they had never migrated from there.

Aron had already been taught plenty about Limbo but never saw anything outside the valley he and his father lived in. Although it had its fair share of mana beasts, the valley was relatively safe by Limbo standards.

"You seem anxious about being outside the valley pup." Harald suddenly spoke while keeping his head forward and observing the path they were on.

Despite having left not long ago, Aron and Harald had covered many kilometers in that short period of time. They would sprint over large distances and take a break to observe after a certain distance was covered. This was to ensure they are already aware of what's ahead before rushing forward.

"I'm not anxious, I'm just eager to see more of Limbo" the young boy responded while looking at the view in front of him. Despite all it's dangers, Limbo was indeed beautiful in certain parts but more importantly to Aron...it was his home.

"It's fine to be eager, just never forget the danger. The moment you do is the moment you die. Normally pups shouldn't travel but we have no choice." Harald warned seriously as he continued observing. His keen vision was already far better than even some beasts so seeing what was many kilometers ahead was a simple matter.

"There's some beast activity taking place a few kilometers away. It's not safe to travel further for now so we'll camp there" Harald suddenly pointed towards the face of a steep cliff and got an odd stare from his son.

But before Aron could question his father, he was lifted and carried over the shoulder. Immediately after doing so Harald showed a smirk before leaping from where he had stood.

​ That one seemingly small hop actually sent Harald and Aron many meters into the air. Upon reaching peak height, Harald held onto a rock on the face of the cliff and began glancing around for a moment.

When all directions looked clear, Harald dug his fingers into the rock with one small push. What followed next was many cracks spreading out in all directions on the rocks. After giving it another push, the rock broke apart along with a large part of the cliff.

[ Horned Basilisk Aspect: Burrow ]

What remained was a large hole on the face of the cliff that Harald soon jumped into. The hole wasn't deep and resembled a cave although much neater and smoother.

"What ability was that?"

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Upon being put down, Aron immediately asked out of genuine curiosity. Despite learning plenty from his father, Aron never saw many of his father's beast aspects in action.

"Oh that... It's an ability I created. I first came up with it after absorbing the mana of a Horned Basilisk. The aim was to create something as efficient as the Basilisk's ability to travel or stay underground. I've refined it over time but it can't match the technique of a true mana beast" Harald explained with a sigh before sealing off the entrance and taking a seat.

"Speaking of Horned Basilisk, there's another reason I didn't want us to absorb them or to be more specific me." Harald showed a serious expression before patting the ground, gesturing for Aron to take a seat.

"As you already know, we beast mongers use an unorthodox way to grow stronger. A way that wasn't meant to be used in the first place...*sigh* so little is known about this way of using mana that almost no one practices it due to it's cons surpassing the pros even if they have the potential for it..."

"The most major being... mind loss. Whenever we absorb the mana of a beast, the beast will that still resides inside that mana will try to take over your mind unless you can overcome it with your own will. This is among the first things I told you but it doesn't end there."

"The stronger you grow the harder it becomes to overcome wills as you start encountering more powerful beasts hence even more stubborn wills, another case is if you hold too many wills already. Signs of reaching your limit are the manifestation of beast-like features...features like mine...do you understand now?" Harald asked in a serious tone and Aron simply nodded lightly.

"An experienced high tier mage can help one overcome this to some extent, which is another reason the females in our settlementwere so revered. We beast mongers, who are neither koliean nor beast hold the most potential for growth Aron...it's only a matter of how determined you are to keep surpassing your limits. Let us rest for now." Harald stretched out his large hand and ruffled his son's hair before leaning against the wall and closing his eyes.

Aron remained silent and began pondering his father's words keenly.

'How determined I am....' Aron thought to himself as he too leaned against the wall and closed his eyes.


Some time later, Aron felt a slight tap on his shoulder and quickly opened his eyes but soon relaxed when he saw it was his father in front of him.

"The path is clear again, best we leave now before anything else happens" Harald gave Aron a quick pat on the shoulder as he instructed this.

"Alright, it's nice not having to wake up to a basin of water at least" Aron slowly stood up and stretched his arms while letting out a yawn.

"Enjoy it while it lasts. Next time I'll just dangle you off a cliff" Harald commented with a grin on his face while Aron remained unamused.

Harald ignored the stare he was getting from his son and proceeded to open the entrance of the cave. After doing so he immediately looked around just to be sure no dangers were present.

Once he confirmed this, Harald gave Aron a gesture with his hand and the two set off once again.

"A battle?" Aron asked upon noticing much of the area they were currently rushing past was damaged all over.

"Yes, it's not uncommon for mana beasts to fight each other. Power, territory, mating rights and sometimes no reason at all but to assert dominance. We beast mongers aren't that much different to be honest." Harald quickly answered without bothering to glance around.

"Dominance..." Aron repeated this word in a low tone before remaining silent for the rest of the way.

A lot of time would soon pass since they began their journey, it had taken longer than Harald anticipated due to a lot of beast activity along the way.

"Finally..." Harald expressed in a relieved manner while holding his waist. Aron on the other hand simply glanced up at the gigantic mountain range and made no comment.

"Now we just ascend and find a good place to make a cave. After that it's just a matter of gathering some food to last us awhile" Harald explained while scratching the back of his head irritatedly.

"We won't be coming out of the cave until the beast horde passes by right?" Aron asked and Harald instantly gave a small nod.

"I doubt the horde will pass through here but it's better to be safe than sorry...Hmm over there!"

As Harald was explaining, he was also looking around for an ideal position to settle. Without uttering another word he lifted Aron and leaped from his current position.

A little while later he arrived at an area right in the center of the mountain range. It wasn't by any means special. Neither the tallest mountain nor the smallest. Perhaps the only unique feature being the presence of shattered pillars. Such pillars were present however in other parts of the mountain range as well.

"I've been seeing those things scattered around here and there, what are they?" The ever curious Aron asked his father with a brow raised.

"Hmm, I'm not quite sure myself. If I had to guess they most likely belong to a former settlement. No one really knows how long Limbo has existed, or how many civilizations it houses. Finding ruins isn't at all odd, just ignore it. If they were strong they would have lived on till now. The weak do not interest us" Voiced Harald in a serious tone before turning his attention back to the mountain, trying to find the most ideal spot for a cave.

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Aron continued to look at the pillars at odd angles before noticing something shine momentarily in between them.

Aron casually walked over and found a wooden box with many shiny intricate carvings and words but understood none of it. He looked at the small box from different angles and even tossed it from hand to hand to see if anything would rattle.

"Aron, I think I've found a proper position for us to settle..." Harald nodded in a satisfied manner before turning to Aron who now began to open the box.


The second Aron opened it just a little, Harald felt all of his senses go off. Without hesitation he rushed towards Aron but by the time he arrived the box was fully opened. With a loud boom and vibration , a bright light shot up from the box and pierced the sky above.

As quickly as it had appeared, the light soon faded as if it was never there. All that remained in the box was a small glowing blue crystal like object with a liquid within it.

"Aron where did you get-"



Harald's statement was cut short when numerous beast roars could be heard from all directions. 'It's too late.' Harald thought to himself before taking the crystal from Aron.

"What...what's going on?" Aron asked in confusion as the entire mountain began to tremble.

'I can't risk fighting all those beasts with Aron present. We can leave the object and try escaping but some creatures will still pursue us I'm sure. The best way is....' Harald contemplated the situation as quickly as he could in an attempt to find a solution.

"You will hide, you're not strong enough to flee." Harald explained briefly leaving Aron confused. "Flee from what? What do you plan on doing?" Aron asked causing Harald to sigh and shake his head.

"Aron. My one and only son, there comes a time when every pup must leave his parent's den and grow on his own, I know it's early but we have no choice but to separate now. As things stand you'll only be a burden to me, whatever this thing is it has extremely dense mana inside it and its attracting the beast in the area. You'll only hinder me, so unless you wish to be devoured by beasts you will hide" Harald said to his son with his fists clenched in anger not towards Aron but himself.

He knew Aron was stubborn and would not listen, so in the spur of the moment he could only think of this. The unfeeling giant had only ever cared for his child, having to leave him before his time came wasn't something easy to do by any means.

"Father...I can also hel-ack!" A confused Aron attempted to speak but felt a sharp pain in his neck before everything went black.

'Never lose that determination of yours Aron...' A teary eyed Harald with a stern expression thought as he lifted the unconscious boy and looked towards the spot he wanted to create a cave.