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Last Shelter Online

Last Shelter Online
268 Chapters
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Last Shelter Online

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    Summary Together with the shocking death of a famous gamer, a new VRMMORPG was launched.“This is not just a game, this is about building a snd life.”Said Dr. Jeff Johnson, the founder of Ninecent, when he announced the new game.[LAST SHELTER ONLINE]It quickly became the number one wanted game that even affected the global crycurrency market.However, after the mysterious death of his brother. Hiro’s life had been wrecked with no money left spend and no place left live.That is, until he received a surprise late birthday gift from the deceased.While other gamers around the world were scrambling get the limited edition of full-dive VR, Hiro received the mysterious beta-testing access.Being an expert gamer himself, Hiro soon found something unusual about the new game, and it seems that there’s much more it than a simple game.Will Hiro find the truth behind it all?[System linked.][Weme Last Shelter Online]You’re reading “Last Shelter Online” on See all Hide

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