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Let Love Takes Away All This Pain

Let Love Takes Away All This Pain
420 Chapters
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Let Love Takes Away All This Pain

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    Read Let Love Takes Away All This Pain by Jenna Writes. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereLet Love Takes Away All This Pain By Jenna Writes full chapter at . Artist: Alva Gellar, Uriah Irwin... Genre: Romance Alva Gellar is in her bedroom, cleaning up after an intimate encounter with her husband, Uriah Irwin. She opens a window to disperse the smell and changes the sheets and bedding. Alva reflects on her husband's success as a prominent figure in Virginia and nationally with his investment firm, the Heyday Group. Despite being an ordinary civilian, Alva feels fortunate to be married to him and takes care of his personal matters. Uriah hands her a document, which she later realizes is a divorce agreement. Alva is shocked and devastated by this revelation as she thought they were happy together. When she asks Uriah why he wants a divorce, he admits that he is in love with someone else. Alva is heartbroken, considering their whirlwind romance and how he had been a good husband to her. She reluctantly accepts the divorce, understanding that Uriah's decision is final. The passage portrays the abrupt and painful end of Alva and Uriah's marriage, leaving Alva in disbelief and emotional turmoil.... Read Let Love Takes Away All This Pain