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Long Live the Mad Wife!

Long Live the Mad Wife!
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Long Live the Mad Wife!

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    Summary Six years ago, Feng Chuge, who was 10 years old, became a disgrace the entire Feng Family because she was incapable of cultivating. She was then expelled from the family. When the number one killer of the 21st century possessed her body, the world was in turmoil. Calling me trash? Saying that I don’t have any spiritual force? Then I’ll let you see who’s the genius who changed her fate!She was indifferent everything in the world, but she would lower her guard against him. She saved a young man and even gave him a nice name, but this guy, who looked like a child, used an adultne tell her that he was not a child. She gave him a warm and safe home, and he used his methods help her achieve her goals. Until one day, when he od in front of her with his true appearance, she realized that this young man was far more deadly than she had imagined! You’re reading “Long Live the Mad Wife!” on See all Hide

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