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Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel

Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel
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Loser's redo: Transmigration in a novel

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    Summary Being taken away of all his freedom, Noah was thrown i the jail accused of a murder he hadn'tmmitted.This incident broke his personality permanently, getting out of the jail Noah started living as a shut-in giving up at everything.Noah read s as a mean pass his time, while reading s an particular caught his eyes, it's name was 'the hero of velveric fights the demon lord''It's a harem ......'That was what Noah had thought in the beginning but, it all changed at the end of the .'What the Hell's with this crazy !'The protagonist and all his harem members were killed and in the end the demon Lordok over the world.It was then, after finishing reading the , Noah startedughing out blood and succumbed his lung disease.Opening his eyes Noah found himself in a body of a 8 year old kid of the Melvix family which appeared in that crazy .He was known as the garbage of the Melvix family by all the knights and family members but that didn't matter Noah. What matter is that-'It's impossible survive in the if you are not strong enough......' You’re reading “Loser's redo: Transmigration in a ” on See all Hide