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Loving Madeline

Loving Madeline
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Loving Madeline

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    Summary Madeline “Maddie” Brownwood is a nineteen-year-oldllege student and lives an ordinary life with her aunt. Her mother was dead, and her father was unknown her until one day, she found herself innfusion when she arrived at her aunt’s house surrounded by gentlemen with black suits. One man approached her andld herme with him the Divenson Mansion prepare for her wedding.Hunter Divenson is the handsome and hot engineer and CEO of the largest miningmpany in theuntry, the Divenson Miningrporation. He got entangled with his driver’s last dying wish marry his estranged daughter when his car was hit by a drunk driver. He agreed his request p his parents from forcing him get married.“I’m sorry, Maddie, Mr. Divenson already paid all of our debts, and you know my debts filed up when I accepted you and your mother in this house, and I am not going lose this house anymore. You shouldme with them so that we will be all happy, and you will have a better life.” Her aunt said.Maddie was left no choice, and go the Divenson mansion where she meets her future in-laws, Mr. Divenson’s parents were super strict and showed her face she doesn’t belong their family, while her future brother-in-law always looks at her with lust that made her scared every time they cross paths, and her other sister loathes her. And only a twelve-year-old girl, his younger sister, loves and adores her, and carried out her stay at the mansion bearable.The moment she meets Hunter, she falls in love with him. He is so sweet with her every time a member of his family is around, but he is so different when they are alone, and his actions sometimesntradict his words, but his remarks haunted her in her dreams most of the nights.“We are only married on the paper since I don’t have time for love, business success is the only thing that makes me happy, and I can’t love someone like you. Don’t expect if something happens us in bed; I will love you. I only need an heir of my empire.” He saidldly that made her entire body shivers, and she hated herself for falling in love with her husband every day, until one day she realized sheuldn’t take it anymore.Maddie asked Hunter for a divorce in a sternne, and it made Hunter’s entire body turnedld. This is the first time his wife appeal talk with him, and heuldn’t believe she was asking for a divorce. Her words drove him underod what a fool he had been, and now, all he can see in her beautiful eyes are hatred. He realized heuldn’t let her go because he loves his wife with all his heart.Can Hunter win back his wife’s affection?Is Maddie’s love for Huntertally gone? Or it was still there and she is just trying forget and move on? Can she give her husband another chance? You’re reading “Loving Madeline” on See all Hide