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MMORPG: Rise of The Dungeon Master.

MMORPG: Rise of The Dungeon Master.
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MMORPG: Rise of The Dungeon Master.

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    Summary A one-of-the-kind advanced game? Liberty Online.Dungeon master class that needed protect his dungeonre?No system in place revive monsters by magic, it's up him keep them alive.Unfortunately, that's not all he has worry about.The whole population of immortal players has set their sights on his precious dungeon? AndWoah Dungeon gotnquered in the game. Many celebrated, but he cries blood tears for his mistake.Not able handle the pressure, he died in remorse for how stupid he was his whole life.But then something miraculous happens. He got reincarnated back in time - one year after the game’s release!Armed with knowledge from his previous life, He will use this chance achieve his every dream.He strives reach a height where no one daresuch or even think aboutuching him.This is the ry of Roan - a man who will use all his power and strength bme king of Liberty Online! You’re reading “MMORPG: Rise of The Dungeon Master.” on See all Hide